The Future Of 3D Printing And The Optical Industry


It goes without saying that the optical industry will benefit greatly now and in the future regarding 3D printing, but just what those new innovations will be are worth a good look at. 3D printing isn’t new in the optical industry but the vast and fast improvements of the 3D printing technologies of today are [read more…]

A Smart Phone App Detects the Vision Problems in Kids


Buffalo School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences has researchers who made use of a smart phone application for imaging back side of the eyes, or the fundus. It is particularly for those patients that can be a little challenging to inspect thoroughly like the new born kids. This iExaminer adapter’s development and marketing is done [read more…]

Can Dogs Actually Understand Humans? It Seems They Can!


The dog is man’s best friend, and they have been side by side for thousands of years. Indeed, earliest records of domesticated dogs stem from the Stone Age. These days puppies are available and actually bred by professional kennels like Douglas Hall Kennels offering puppies to anywhere across the globe. Scientists believe they now understand what [read more…]

Fast food fatality!


It’s been said for years that fast food is not good for us. There has been one study after another that shows the ingredients in these tasty goodies are more harmful than helpful. The government’s watchdog groups are practically helpless to face the problem or do anything about it because of the power of big [read more…]

A Few Words About Health Benefits of Olive Oil


Olive Oil. Ever wonder why the Greeks were always credited for their herculean strength and battle-winning toughness? Olive oil has long been a staple of the Mediterranean diet. This miraculous lipid has been credited with numerous health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and improved heart health. Olive oil can be incorporated into your diet in several ways. [read more…]

Who is Dr Jim Swan?


Dr Jim Swan has been involved with the Welsh Whisky Company since it began distilling and is their Master Blender charged with creating the unique style of Penderyn single malt. He is a consultant to the World-wide drinks industry and assists the quality aims of Blue Chip brewers, winemakers, distillers and cooperages as well as [read more…]

Go on a Gourmet Ride of Tropical Queensland


Tropical Queensland is typically synonymous with majestic coral reefs and lush green ancient rainforests, but have you ever thought of traveling to this tropical gem of Australia for the great food and wine it has on offer? If not, this post shares some reason why you should. When it is about sampling the taste of [read more…]

Importance of Marriage Registration in India and its Procedure

The article discusses about the importance of marriage certificate and the benefits of getting the marriage registered. Read on to learn about the documents required as well as the procedure of marriage registration. If you are planning to get legally married, there is one thing you must not forget, which the marriage certificate is! The [read more…]

Relax And Get Radical This Christmas

Why not change the habits of a lifetime and actually enjoy Christmas this year? Let’s relax and approach the festive season with a stress free attitude that means you might actually have fun. What a concept! For too long, we have become slaves to the whole Christmas machine – there is so much pressure on [read more…]

Actors Who Fooled You into Thinking They Are Tall

A lot of celebrities are not as tall as you think they are. When it comes to Hollywood movies, stars habituate all sorts of deceptions to make them appear taller on screen. This is accomplished by means of using mega movie magic like deliberate camera angles, standing on boxes, or use height increasing shoes to [read more…]

Reviews on the Upcoming Cars of 2014


The big car manufacturing companies are preparing interesting surprises for the year 2014. There are many good models that will be marketed next year and many bring up new attractive designs and improved technology. 2014 Cadillac CTS · The Cadillac CTS line is a very competitive car, maybe as much as the V sport Cadillac [read more…]

A Brief Overview of Grand Piano


Piano is a music instrument which most people are well aware of. But, only a few people have some idea about grand piano. How it is different from traditional models, only a few would be able to answer. Here, we will discuss about some of its aspects so that the confusion can be avoided. This [read more…]

Edward Snowden, an Infrastructure Analyst speaks Out on NSA Surveillance


Edward Snowden disclosed his identity in an explosive interview with the Guardian, published on Sunday, which revealed he was a 29-year-old former technical assistant for the CIA and current employee of the defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton.

Full Moon Explained

Full Moon

Have you ever seen a full moon? – What a question! Certainly seen! And if anyone did not see it within the next month can fill this gap in its development: it is full moon each month.

Telescope “Kepler” found two water “super-Earths” in the constellation Cygnus


The orbital telescope “Kepler” found at the junction of the constellations Cygnus and Lyra just two Earth-like planet, a bit larger than Earth and representing worlds, oceans, the waters of which can theoretically support life,

What is the dark spot on the sun?

Sunsetat Clearwater Beach FL

While taking a picture of the sun at the sunset at Clearwater Beach Florida I saw a dark spot on the sun after reviewing the picture. Wondering if that’s the same sun flare that was reported on 7/19/2012 (see video below).   Video credit:

Soviet Union Exposed Website Posts Personal data and Credit Reports on Celebrities


A website Tuesday published a data dump (aka dox) that included the supposed social security number and last-known Chicago phone numbers for Michelle Obama, as well as a recent credit report from TransUnion in her name. Dated March 11, 2013, that credit report lists multiple bank and credit card accounts, including credit limits, details of [read more…]

Single Malt Scotch Whisky may treat many diseases, including cancer

Single Malt Scotch

British chemist and scientific consultant for the whiskey industry Dr. James Swan claims that Single Malt Scotch Whisky is also good for health, such as the consumption of red wine, which is drunk in a certain amount has to protect against osteoporosis. And a minimum of 80% of the population of Scotland, Ireland and Britain [read more…]

Tequila is the Water of Life in Mexico

Tequila Cazul

Revolutionaries liked tequila, it gave them courage and oblivion for their souls. Peak demand for tequila in Mexico fell exactly on the romantic era of the revolutions of 1910 … 1917. Although the legendary leader of the Peasant Movement Pancho Villa was a confirmed not drinking alcohol. History will not spare drunkards, nor leaders. When the revolutionary storm subsided, [read more…]

The IOC Executive Board recommended to eliminate fighting from the Olympic program

Rulon Gardner

The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommended to eliminate the Wrestling of the Summer Olympic Games in 2020.Reported by the Associated Press , citing its own sources in the IOC. It is not reported whether all kinds of wrestling – Greco-Roman, freestyle and women’s – are recommended for expulsion. February 12 executive committee members reviewed [read more…]