Actors Who Fooled You into Thinking They Are Tall

A lot of celebrities are not as tall as you think they are. When it comes to Hollywood movies, stars habituate all sorts of deceptions to make them appear taller on screen. This is accomplished by means of using mega movie magic like deliberate camera angles, standing on boxes, or use height increasing shoes to make them appear taller. We know that celebrities are busy people, or at least they give an impression that they are. Most of them can’t find time for long hours of tedious exercise plans to stretch their bodies to make them a bit taller. In fact exercises don’t even promise height increase if they are not young. For instant results they resort to elevator shoes which have insoles and are engineered in such a way that, it will make them taller instantly without anyone noticing.

#1 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has always been the target of ridicule, thanks to his faith in Scientology and his short height. If sources are to be trusted, he is just 5 foot 7 inches – not that bad, right? Well the average height of an American he 5 foot 10 inches. Mr. Maverick falls 3 inches short to be considered average height. Tom is known for this ‘tough-guy-bad-ass’ roles. However, our notion of such a man is to be tall. We are pretty darn sure Mr. Cruise is using elevator shoes on-screen and also when he is gracing the red carpet.

#2 Robert Downey, Jr.

Even Iron Man can’t escape nature’s callousness. Unfortunately Robert is just 5’8 and is below average when it comes to height. There is no doubt that he is a fantastic actor. His performance in Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes made him popular around the globe. His varying height in movies and reality make us suspect that, he could be getting some help from thick heels.

#3 Mark Wahlberg

The actor and former rapper is known for his talents. The actor with a ripped body and great looks might not be as tall as you think he is. He was nominated twice for Oscar and has certainly come a long way from his rapping career.

#4 Daniel Radcliffe

Good things do come in small packages. Harry Potter could be a great wizard, but his magic trick doesn’t seem to help him grow any taller. Not many celebrities will be comfortable posing for photos in film festivals with counterparts who are taller than them, but, Daniel doesn’t seem to worry about it (and we appreciate him for his self-belief). This in-fact shows how confident the little Brit is, but, the guy could seriously make use of some elevator shoes to make him look taller.

#5 King Khans of Bollywood

It’s not only Hollywood actors who are doing it. Not all Bollywood actors are gifted with a 6 foot stature like Indian Super Star Amitabh Bachchan. Popular actors like Shah Rukh Khan, and Aamir Khan are suspected to be using elevator shoes. Of course none of them would reveal the fact, but we did out research to find out the truth.

Author Bio: Aiden Korr is a freelance writer who is currently writing for elevator shoes.

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