Six Ways to Beat Procrastination

Six Ways to Beat ProcrastinationJust think about how many times they said to themselves – “What a pity that …. there was not enough time, did not do it before, did not buy it then,” etc. We all felt sorry, sorry, sorry.

The reason for such fakapov is the first and most common – procrastination, postponing it for later in the common people.

At the same time, your “later” may be completely different – for tomorrow, at the end of the week, in a month, a year, until better times. “For later” becomes part of your lifestyle. “For later” comes to you in the morning, along with the thought of a complex project or task.

Behind this postponement of the deadline lies fear, which makes you procrastinate with or without.

This fear is the protection of the troubles, something new, urgent, large-scale, important. Hence the problems – poor grades at school, postponement of treatment, failures at work.

In addition to fear, procrastination has another driving force — a small emotional connection with one’s “future self” or a desire for instant gratification here and now.

We focus on what we feel and experience at this moment, and not on our future. For example, “I’d rather take care of planning a vacation schedule instead of responding to an urgent letter to the director.”

Obviously, procrastination is not the most useful habit and the fight against it is extremely important. Advice: “Just stop procrastinating and do important things” is tantamount to recommending a depressed person not to be sad.

We give you 6 proven rules that will help you win these psychological games.

  1. Take the simple tasks first. You achieve small victories in one thing, and in return you gain confidence in your abilities. As a result, you lose the fear of big tasks and achieve even bigger goals.
  2. Remember POMODORO. At the sight of a big task, we postpone, move graphs, invent absurd excuses. POMODORO technology will teach you how to perform long-term tasks correctly.
  3. Surround yourself with reminders of the goal. In order not to lose enthusiasm and not fly out of the working rhythm, surround yourself with reminders of your goal. It can be stickers, posters, online reminders and more. Such a method, which looks at you with its strict eyes, will not allow you to evade the task.
  4. Set yourself a real challenge. Thanks to the SMART system, you will be able to learn how to set smart goals, structure and build a clear path to achieve them, predict real deadlines, monitor progress, of course, fulfill them, and evaluate the order of priority between tasks.
  5. Learn to enjoy current tasks. Translate scary and complex tasks into “useful and new” status and you will be surprised how much easier it became to implement them.
  6. Do not delay matters that take no more than 2–5 minutes. These 2 minutes will not eat a big piece of the time pie, intended for a big task. Believe me, in the future, these 2 minutes will be able to harm much more and become one big problem.

Using these rules, you will notice how “for later” became less, and long-planned tasks began to be solved and are no longer being crushed by all of their large loads. Thereby, you become more motivated and productive, as a result, more successful and happier.

Picture Credit: mohamed_hassan

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