Ways To Boost Your Energy After A Sleepless Night

Ways To Boost Your Energy After A Sleepless NightHave you had restless nights before an important event? When tomorrow morning is an interview, an important report, etc., but insomnia does not allow you to sleep and you feel tired?

How to help the body quickly recover and spend an active day? There are several techniques that will help to cope with fatigue and forget about the hard night until the evening.

Do exercises and take a cool shower

Charging and a cold shower will charge you with energy in the morning, help the body’s cells get saturated with oxygen and spend an active – physically and mentally – day.

Walk or jog

A recent study by scientists at their University of Georgia shows that intense morning exercise reduces the feeling of fatigue by 65%.

Take a sunbath

A 15-minute stay in the sun will help to forget about the sleepless night and recharge your batteries for the whole day. Ultraviolet covers the night shop for the production of melanin and starts the process of production of serotonin in the body. Doctors recommend sunbathing every morning.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day

Dehydration is one of the main causes of insomnia and fatigue. To feel good after a sleepless night, you need to drink water in small portions throughout the day (instead of coffee, for example). So you kill two birds with one stone – put yourself in order and minimize the risk of insomnia the next night. Even better to drink water with vitamin C.

Breathe deeply

Often a feeling of tiredness comes from the fact that our body receives an insufficient amount of oxygen. Learn to breathe deeply. Do a series of deep breaths and breaths every time you start to feel sleepy: oxygen enters the brain and it starts working more actively.

Correct breakfast

After a sleepless night, the body needs to be recharged with energy in the form of a quality breakfast. It should be protein – protein and fiber. Well cooked omelet with greens, chicken breast and avocado.

Use aromatic oils and salts

If, despite all the tricks still tend to sleep, try using aromatic oils and salts in the bottle. Smell them to cheer up. The fragrance of your favorite perfumes helps well – but not a heavy evening, but a light spring.

Dynamic music

It will help keep yourself in good shape and dynamic music. It happens on the physical level: the body coordinates its rhythms according to the rhythm of the music and starts to work more actively. Scientists have proven that dynamic music increases the level of concentration (so now you have an excuse for your boss, why you listen to music in the workplace).

Do not abuse caffeine

In the morning you can drink a familiar cup of coffee – or two, if your eyes are closed. It is undesirable to use more, because the effect of coffee does not last long, and the risk of getting insomnia the next night is great. Instead of coffee, it is better to drink water with vitamin C.

These tips are valid in the case of isolated cases of insomnia. If it is systematic, you need to change your lifestyle: eliminate bad habits, stick to your daily routine and eat properly. Or consult a doctor.

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