Fast food fatality!

Fast food fatalityIt’s been said for years that fast food is not good for us.

There has been one study after another that shows the ingredients in these tasty goodies are more harmful than helpful. The government’s watchdog groups are practically helpless to face the problem or do anything about it because of the power of big business. Their lobbyists know just how to sweeten a politician to bend the rules, look the other way or manipulate legislation in the companies favor. Not only that but medical data can be corrupted as the big money is on the side of the corporations and the small watchdog group is up against insurmountable odds.

What fast foods consist of are a number of natural, manmade, and artificial substances. It’s easy for a hamburger to be called a hamburger even if only a small percentage actually contains beef. This is due to the way the wording and classification are established before the food hits your plate. Not only that but artificial flavoring or fillers don’t have to be made of anything remotely near a real hamburger. In many cases the food is no longer beef but can legally be called that due to the wording the FDA and other federal agencies use to appease the corporations but also put the public to sleep on the issue.

Maladies associated with fast food products include

Heart disease


Backache requiring chiropractic care

High blood pressure

Diabetes Type II

Skin disorders

Liver problems

Kidney problems

Bone illnesses

Intestinal inflammation

You name it, fast food has been targeted as the cause or a major part of it. Of course the fast food companies deny everything and will fight tooth and nail for every inch of ground regarding the claims. Many a criminal charge has been levied and harsh penalties too. Some politicians who’ve been on the seedy side of this business have been in major trouble and it’s all the public can do to make sure their food is safe.

Fast food is a huge part of the American diet. It is tasty and attractive and part of our traditions. The problem is when companies are looking for that fast buck by not providing quality and instead push products that may well be harmful to us all.

It’s wise to take a look at what goes into the fast food of your favorite snacks. You might find it’s a lot scarier than you imagined.

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