23 Amazing Slimming Rules that Really Work

23 Amazing Slimming Rules that Really Work

Here are 25 slimming rules that REALLY work, despite their non-obviousness.

1. Start the morning with 2 glasses of water at room temperature, drunk on an empty stomach

This will help start your metabolism and save you from an excessive calorie breakfast.

2. Start breakfast 10-15 minutes after drinking water

And no earlier than 20 minutes after waking up!

The best foods for the first meal – boiled eggs and a variety of cereals.

3. If you want to lose weight, it is better not to drink after food

Refrain from drinking for 30 minutes after eating. This will allow it to be absorbed faster.

4. Forget about not eating after 6 p.m.

The ideal time for dinner starts 3-4 hours before bedtime.

5. Learn to love a contrast shower

It improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, and even sometimes smoothes cellulite! And facial skin color improves.

6. Chew food thoroughly

This is more important than it seems.

The better you chew something before swallowing, the faster your body will absorb it. And there will be no heaviness in the stomach!

7. Remember that the feeling of satiety does not come immediately

It takes the brain about 20 minutes to receive information from the stomach that it is already full. Take your time.

8. Place a glass of water on the desktop

Let it always be before your eyes. A glass of water in 1 hour – that’s the perfect norm!

9. Nuts – a thing very useful, especially for the brain

But they also have a lot of calories. So a handful at a time is enough!

10. Nutritionists hate potatoes

But in fact, it should be loved: this food is hearty, and have not as many calories as it seems. The main thing is not to fry it! Boiled potatoes are the best option.

11. Bread is also different

White wheat bread is really better not to eat, but “gray” or “black”, ie rye – you can and should!

12. NEVER drink hot drinks (tea and coffee) with sugar!

It is MUCH easier to give it up than it seems, and the body will not receive “extra” calories from drinks!

13. The best drink for those who lose weight – green tea

Drink 2 mugs a day.

14. A simple walk is the best friend for your feet

30 minutes a day is enough to protect against cellulite and maintain a normal not only weight but also mood!

When running and walking burns about the same number of calories!

15. Watch your posture

If you always keep your back straight, your metabolism will work faster!

If you start today, it will be easier in 2 days. And in three weeks you will start walking exactly without any problems at all!

16. Don’t buy store-bought juices

They have more sugar than vitamins! Of course, you should not believe the inscriptions on the package: “100%”, “No sugar”, “No additives”, etc.

17. Pay attention to the COLOR of the products

Yellow and white foods should be eaten as little as possible (bread, pasta, butter, etc.), and dark and pigmented – more. The most low-calorie foods are green!

18. Eat more foods that contain beneficial bacteria for the intestines

Kefir and unsweetened yogurt are best.

19. Golden rule!

Stop eating when you feel that the stomach is 80% full.

20. Start getting some sleep!

Studies show that people who suffer from chronic insomnia eat one and a half times more than they should!

21. Start a notebook

Keep track of your weight and volume each day. It motivates more than it seems.

Your “ideal” speed is to lose 1-1.5 kg per week. It guarantees you no health problems and ugly “stretch marks” on the skin.

22. Cook yourself

Restaurant food is usually too much salt, seasoning, fat, or sunflower oil.

23. The golden rule of normal nutrition!

Only “real” foods, and no food produced in factories and mills:

  • Meat is possible, sausage is taboo!
  • Fish is a must, canned fish is taboo!

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