7 Commandments for a Responsible Dog Owner

Ten Commandments for a Responsible Dog Owner1. Take time for him
Plan your classes so that you can bring him home for a few days after bringing him, and then do not leave him alone for hours. If the puppy has to be unattended for some time, make sure that there are no dangerous objects nearby, for example, cables that he could bite or brittle trinkets that could tip over and break. Leave him safe toys so he will not be bored.

2. Take care of the bed
It should be soft, cozy and warm. Enwrap them with an old blanket, in which the puppy will be willingly buried. The tried-and-tested way is to put a bottle of warm water into the bed and set it next to the ticking alarm clock. The bottle gives warmth and the ticking of the watch reminds the animal of the mother’s heartbeat. After one or two nights, the dog will feel more confident and safer.

3. Feed healthy
Up to the age of 3 months, feed the puppy 4-5 times a day in small amounts. At the beginning (for about 2 weeks) give him food, which he was used to before, gradually supplementing it with others. The healthiest food is freshly cooked at home. Cooked vegetables with meat (beef, lamb, poultry, tripe), of course – minced.
You can complement them with white cheese, yogurt, kefir. It is advisable to give cartilage, calf cubes, from time to time – eggs.

4. Ensure peace while eating
This is very important. Bowls with water and food should stand in a quiet, secluded place. A healthy pet eats it with appetite. If it starts to grim, you can reduce the frequency of feeding by one meal. When refusing to stay for more than 2 days – seek advice from a veterinarian.

5. Learn to clean
The dog is nature pure animal. When he’s in the wrong place, that does not mean he’s disobeying – he just does not know he’s doing badly. Therefore, do not punish him, only reward him when he gets to the right place. Begin learning with spreading newspapers on the floor. When the puppy with his behavior (whines, spins around, sniffs the floor) reveals that he wants to settle down – quickly move him to the newspaper and hold it gently. Then give him a reward and clearly show your satisfaction. When the vet allows you to leave the dog outside (after all vaccinations), it is best to leave him in the morning after eating. Show some patience until the dog settles. How do you finish praising him and patting him? Remember to clean up after the dog!

6. Take care of safe toys
Fun is very important for every dog, especially a puppy, which is why play items should be carefully selected. They must be made of non-toxic, durable materials, the dog will not bite or swallow. Let you play with other dogs during your walk. The dog needs contacts and the company of other animals.

7.Please keep the dog moving in the open air
The movement is needed for quadrupeds for health. Regular physical exercise enables normal operation and development of the lungs and heart. Thanks to the movement, the ligaments strengthen and the joints function better. Under the influence of sunlight in the skin of the dog, vitamin D 3 and provitamine responsible for the proper course of calcium staining occur. In addition, dogs that rarely go outside are bored and unhappy.

Picture Credit: Pexels

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