A Brief Overview of Grand Piano

Picture credit: Steinway.com

Piano is a music instrument which most people are well aware of. But, only a few people have some idea about grand piano. How it is different from traditional models, only a few would be able to answer. Here, we will discuss about some of its aspects so that the confusion can be avoided.

This is the piano which has horizontal frame as well as horizontal strings. Instead of being close to keyboard, strings are pulled out which puts them back to initial position after getting stroked. Grand piano is available in several types and the size distinguishes one model from the other.

Parlor Grand: Length of the piano ranges from 6 to 7 feet.

Concert Grand: Concert Grand Length ranges from t to 10 feet.

Baby Grand: Length of Baby Grand measures around 5 feet.

It might strike the mind of some people that why do people select different models when sound quality is the same? Well, sound quality is not identical and varies in different ways. When the strings are longer, the sound generated is of high quality and full of richness which is not available with short strings. It can be clearly identified that sound generated by concert grand is different from every other grand piano model. This is because, longer strings produces absolutely rich and harmonic sound which is not sharp and even dull like the ones generated by parlor grand. On the other hand, baby grand no doubt is perfect for homes and daily practice.

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