Dental Implants in Laymen’s Terms

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Dental implants are often talked about in social gatherings where there are dentist present. However, description of all the technicalities involved in the process is often difficult for people to understand and even more difficult for dentists to explain with simplicity. Still, effort to spread information about implants is made with this article.

The article describes implants in 2 sections respectively for procedure and surgery. The time required in the full procedure is also mentioned along with it.

Like all medical treatment, implant begins with consultation. Dentists clarify all doubts and queries posed by patients. If the patients agree to proceed, appropriate examinations are conducted the results of which determines whether the operation can be done.

If all is well, patients are anaesthetised and Fixtures are attached to the bone. A temporary restoration is placed for the time required for infusion and integration of natural tissues and the artificial Fixtures. After 3-6 months of erection of Fixtures, Abutments are attached to the level of gum. On the foundation of Fixtures and Abutments are then attached the artificial enamels or Prostheses.

Fixtures are generally prepared from Titanium or any it’s alloys. Prostheses are made of variety of materials according to patients’ choice. Prostheses are designed according to the type of teeth they replace. For patients who lost several teeth, prostheses are attached generally after installment of Fixtures on 2 sides of jaws to provide firmness. These Prostheses have to be removed before sleeping or for cleaning.

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