Innovation in Eye Care Treatment from Carl Zeiss

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The latest version of HFA was announced by Carl Zeiss Meditec. This is a fully automatic diagnostic system meant for blindness prevention and glaucoma management. The device uses GPA program for summarizing the test results within one single page.

By using this device different stage of the disease can be determined which helps doctors to take preventative measures before it’s too late. Alterations taking place within the eye can be monitored closely through the ophthalmic equipment and irreversible loss of vision becomes easy to avoid.

The main purpose behind the inclusion of this specialized program is to capture the minute detail that is not easy with other ophthalmic equipment. Doctors always look for patients who seem to get stabilized as it helps them to understand the therapy that is required to treat the disease effectively. Therefore, vision loss becomes easy to manage if a proper method is put into application for distinction between stabilized patients and non-stabilized patients.

Carl Zeiss Meditec has invested large amounts in different technologies so that an appropriate method can be designed to secure the vision of people suffering from glaucoma. Treatment is essential for glaucoma related eyesight loss. Thus, the advent of a device like this proves how much beneficial it has been towards treating these patients. Located in Jena, Germany, the assemblage has subsidiaries in various countries like USA, Spain, Japan and France. Innovation in medical field has received huge contributions from Carl Zeiss Meditec and their efforts continue to help the future of medical technology.

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