Get Relieved from Excess Pain with Effective Electrotherapy Instruments

Get Relieved from Excess Pain with Effective Electrotherapy InstrumentsIn the healthcare industry, there have been many changes over the past few years. Right from the diagnostic tools till the treatment facilities that have come up with a significant change seems to be quite helpful. Talking of which, Electrotherapy is one such treatment that many people are still not aware but is one incredible way to treat the patients within clinics. This treatment includes the use of different instruments that by which patients can be treated in the best possible manner.

Know more about Electrotherapy Instruments:

You might have heard many incidences such as a sudden shock that we get after needle pinches us or the person getting caught by the electric fence. Well, the treatment is somehow similar to it but in much better way. It does not harm the individual rather cures him and promotes the best healing option. In olden times, this treatment was called as the electrical stimulation which was used for controlling the pain. The treatment was then done by using the electrical fish that we get at the seashore. In the new advanced treatment, the use of instruments is made through which the electric signals interfere with the neural transmission that sends out the signal of pain to the brain. Due to which, it slows down the process of sending the message to the brain nerve.

Use of Electrotherapy Instruments:

Electrotherapy Instruments are used as the ‘Pain Gate’ by which right from acute till the chronic pain is treated in seconds. It is an extremely helpful resource that also helps in recovering the tissues and helps in healing. This type of treatment is also considered as a therapy by many doctors in rehabilitation clinics. It helps to deal with paralysis, intervertebral disc problems, facial palsy, cervical spondylosis, post-traumatic rehabilitation, stroke, lumbar spondylosis, and post-surgical rehabilitation to name a few.

Types of Electrotherapy Instruments that are Used:

The use of this physiotherapy electrotherapy equipment is done in two ways. Some doctors use it as a way to exercise and other uses it as a way to offer electrotherapy. Electrotherapy is used for controlling the immense pain that frequently occurs in any body part where as equipment’s that are used for exercising helps to cure the pain problem. The major Electrotherapy equipment that helps in effective solution are traction, ultrasound, wax treatment, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, Interferential therapy, and infrared ray treatment to name a few. However, any of these treatments are advised by the doctor and performed under the guidance of a professional health care expert. These equipment are also called as Interferential therapy which is mostly known by its abbreviation ‘IFT’.

While using this type of therapy, the desired range is decided before which can be tolerated by the person. The mid-frequency stimulus is used so that excess muscle pain and spasms can effectively be removed. The affected area of the brain’s nerves is well stimulated due to which encephalin and endorphins hormones are released in the body and the pain subsides effectively.

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