Hillary Clinton Stutters on Clearing the Air about Her Private Server Details

Hillary Clinton Stutters on Clearing the Air about Her Private Server DetailsHillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate standing on the threshold of becoming the first woman president of the United States is going through a harrowing phase fielding embarrassing posers regarding the use of her private server for official business during her stint as Secretary of State. Deposing in court under oath, she iterated not recalling the exact purpose of using her personal email account in her official capacity as Secretary of State under
Barack Obama. At the same time, she refrained from replying to questions from a traditionalist legal caucus related to the same issue. Her personal lawyer, David Kendall prepared and presented the answers to at least 25 questions submitted to her in writing by ‘Judicial Watch’.

Judicial Watch has moved the court against Clinton filing a flurry of lawsuits that asked for transcripts of official documents relating to the period when she was still in office. Her replies were trite and repetitive that revealed information which was already known to FBI agents. FBI following the leak (that she had sent out emails from her private server for carrying out federal tasks) had undertaken a very clandestine inquiry to find out whether she had indeed botched up classified information. Hillary Clinton had more or less offered the same hackneyed response that she ‘couldn’t recall’ less than 21 times.

For instance, she had to field posers that required her to throw light on the exact time when she took a decision to transact government using her personal email id as well as the official or officials with whom she may have consulted before taking the plunge. She went on record by responding that the decision was taken sometime in the early phase of 2009. However, she couldn’t recollect consulting any official about her decision. She was also questioned on whether she had been kept posted on the fact it was unethical to send private emails for performing federal duties falling under the ambit of Secretary of State.

Clinton said with a straight face that “she doesn’t recall being advised, cautioned, or warned, she doesn’t recall that it was ever suggested to her, and she doesn’t recall participating in any communication, conversation, or meeting in which it was discussed.” The legal conclave-Judicial Watch-is reviewing options if Hillary can be made to testify in court about the modus operandi of her person (email) account creation from her New York home. Emmet G. Sullivan-the US District Judge presiding over the court had commanded Hillary to submit written answers to the questions raised by the group.

Apart from repeatedly recounting her incapability to call to mind the information she was supposed to reveal, she raised legal objections with respect to the framing of most of the questions. She has filed writs (eight in total) relating to the manner in which these questions have been raised. The president of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton strongly felt that the judge’s refusal to heed to requests by the group to summon Hillary Clinton for an in-person deposition will ultimately pave the way for her winning the presidency by cocking a snook at Rule of Law.

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