How to Take Care of Kittens

How to Take Care of Kittens Provide him with a safe place and the right temperature

The cat’s baby must be in a slightly warmer environment than an adult cat – the optimal temperature varies between 86- 100 F. The easiest way to do this is to put a bed with a soft blanket, and put a hot water bottle underneath. You can also buy special heating pads, but for a moment it will even work (well screwed!) Bottle with warm water, which you put next to, under the material lining the bed.

Another important issue: the kitten is probably not able to walk yet, but he can crawl. Therefore, make sure that the bed is a bit larger, to give him some space, yet high enough to not get out of it.

Provide your kittens with proper food

It is best to go to the vet or pet shop for a special mix for cat suckling. Its composition is very similar to breast milk. If the time is urgent (and remember that it is very important – the cat has to eat something within a few hours of finding it, otherwise the chances of saving it are getting smaller!) Note: Never give cow’s milk to your pets! Neither kittens nor adult cats should drink it.

A bottle for kittens will also be useful, and if you do not have another one – for cat’s baby. You can get it in a pharmacy (when buying milk, ask for it also in a pet shop or at the vet). Choose as little as possible, also pay attention to the hole in the teat – it can not be too big, so that your kitten does not get a sigh. To be sure that you know how to look after a little cat, you have to pay attention to such “little things”.

Provide your kittens with proper food

Check what and how to feed the cat

Well, we have a message for you – you have just become a full-time Nanny. The suckling should eat every 2-3 hours, and after eating it is worth massaging his belly – just like a “real” baby! You will quickly learn to recognize when your kitten is hungry – he will then start to whimper and call you. Such feeding is not easy and time-consuming, so it is worth to talk with your relatives or friends to support you in this task. Explain to them the principles of feeding and mention that small kitties have to eat when they lie on their tummy. You should not turn the suckling over back – it may choke.

It happens that a kitten is not used to a teat and you have to convince them to eat a little. However, the sucking reflex is natural, so do not give up! Do not just assume that the kitten will suck milk from your finger (or eat a bowl or saucer) – it’s definitely too soon, he just can not do it! Permanent foods, introduced gradually, will come only from about 4 weeks of age.

Visit the vet

Probably it will happen spontaneously, when you are looking for a place where you can buy a blend to feed your kitten. Do not be afraid to ask questions. When you take the cat to you, at first you will probably experience a shock – it will be in a different environment, so in the first days, leave the vet with your cat’s baby – unless there is nothing disturbing, and the kitten eats and defecates regularly. You can also ask for a home visit.

How to look after a little cat – what else can you do for him?

Make sure that the kitten feels warm. And it’s not just about the temperature of the bedding. In a place where he sleeps, you can put a smaller, extra blanket or fleece – that the kitten would have a hug to it, if he lacks its mother. Talk to the kitten with a gentle, quiet tone. In this way, you not only get used to the human voice, but also let you know that it is safe.

There are theories that the kittens are calmed by the sound of a silent ticking of the watch. We have never had a scientific confirmation of such reports, but if you have a loud alarm clock ticking too loudly, you can place it near the bed (just make sure it does not ring).

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