Orchid in the house: all pros and cons


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How not to love an orchid? These gentle lines, beautiful colors, soft petals cause only positive emotions and exceptionally pleasant associations!

Many years ago people believed that an orchid can belong only to special people, gifted, more developed, those who are said to stand out from the “gray mass”. They were given to beloved, the most beautiful girls in order to express their admiration for their beauty.

Orchid in the house – like another member of the family, who by his silent presence helps all the rest to struggle with daily difficulties, beautifies the life, pleases the eye. In addition, an orchid is considered a very successful and pleasant gift. It would Seem, she is not capable to bring negative! But is it?

There are various views and beliefs associated with the orchid in the house. There are many signs about the orchid, which both have any basis, are not supported by anything and are based solely on popular observations.

An energy vampire is a creature or plant that can feed on the energy of a companion. It is to the category of energy vampires that they include an orchid. It is believed that orchids draw life energy from people or animals they live with. This is confirmed even by a feng shui loyal to plants! With what is it connected? It is believed that the reason lies in the pollen of the flower. It has the ability to cause drowsiness and slow down human reflexes.

Another common opinion is that the orchid “scares” the men out of the house. A very unpleasant fact, is not it? Especially for single women. It is believed that the orchid brings great benefits to the female body. It enhances women’s attractiveness, femininity, charm. But a similar effect orchid also takes on men! Thus, in the masculine character completely “not manly” notes appear. Therefore, it is not recommended to put a vase with an orchid in a bedroom or in a room where the representatives of the stronger sex sleep, even the smallest.

The same applies to the vampiric influence of orchids. Do not put orchids in the bedroom as vampirism worsens at night.

Remember: an orchid is a female plant, you should not decorate the male rooms for them. This can harm your man or your relationship.

Is it possible to keep an orchid at home?

orchid at home

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If you carefully read about what negative an orchid can bring and how dangerous it is, and brought out of our advice, then the orchid will only benefit you. Orchid is a talisman for a woman, it will help develop talents and engage in creativity. To make the plant bring you everything only the best, learn to properly take care of it. Do not let wilt and flower diseases. It will love the landlady and in the future you will not have conflicts. Orchid can even restore youth and health, and most importantly – a good mood. The flower is able to help you drive the negative out of the home and draw warmth and joy into it. If an enemy comes to your house, a person who wishes you evil, your orchid will drive him away. No, she will not get out of the pot and beat him with roots. But a person will suddenly feel worse, dizzy, nauseous. Similar abilities are observed in other “brothers of our smaller”. As is known, dogs and cats are also very sensitive to the negative emotions of their master, and in relation to him.

Also one of the unpleasant sensations that causes an orchid is the syndrome of anxiety. If you or your loved ones feel uneasy in a seemingly easy and light atmosphere, look at the windowsill. Perhaps the cause of your condition blooms beautiful flowers, innocently tilting the petals in your direction?

A huge influence on the properties of the flower has its coloring. Yes, it is color – one of those most important properties of plants that can change the atmosphere in your home. This opinion is also influenced by the doctrine of Feng Shui. The home plant affects the person and the atmosphere in the house in different ways.

What are the signs of the color of the orchid?

color of the orchid

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Red and purple orchid color helps fight laziness. Have you decided to go on a diet? Intensively doing sports? Or did they decide to declare war to bad habits? Red and purple flowers sharpen your will power, increase it, help achieve your goal. As you know, all people are inclined to start a new life on Monday. Orchids of these flowers will help you get rid of the old way of life.

Do you have financial problems or do you feel the need for a career? Perhaps your potential is not sufficiently disclosed in a professional way? Yellow orchids will bring you luck in this matter.

orhideivdome3Activity and active way of life is the key to success. If you feel that your energy has dried up, productivity of work is falling, apathy and depression are approaching, try to make friends with orange orchids. They will help you find the source of strength and inspiration.

A worse option is also possible: deep depression or prolonged melancholy. As is known, in the modern world it is really very difficult to remain calm and positive thinking. Daily difficulties and problems often knock us out of the rut, especially in a more gentle and sensitive half of humanity – women and girls. In addition, they are more dependent also on the hormonal background of the body, therefore they are more likely to be affected by the negative influence of the external environment and, as a consequence, fall into depression. If you or one of your loved ones begins to succumb to this state, the world is getting darker, and the problems – more and more necessarily put in your room white or pink orchids. The colors of beige shades are also perfect. This will help you understand yourself, find a bright path and also decorate your interior with the sweetest flowers of orchids.

Pink flowers will also help women to revive lost femininity and charm, and young girls – to develop these qualities.

But do not forget that your flowers will bring you pleasant moments only if they feel warmth, tenderness and care on your part. Be kind to your pets and they will be kind to you.

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