What makes you happy?

Scientists believe that happiness is determined by genetics and environmental factors, and also – by almost 40% – by the personal choice of each person. It means only one thing: if you want to be happy, everything is in your hands!



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They are necessary. Harvard University monitored the health of hundreds of men over 70 years old – those who had strong relationships with relatives whom they trusted and from whom they received support were more healthy.

Free time

It is more important than money. A number of studies have shown that happy people often refuse the opportunity to earn extra money so that they have more time to live for their own pleasure.


They should be enough to pay bills. When a person lives in debt or constantly refuses something in something, it is difficult for him to feel happy. So giving up work in favor of free time completely is a bad idea.


Sometimes it is better not to run to work, and in the morning to get up early to walk calmly – maybe stop near the flower bed to enjoy the scent of flowering roses. People who more often devote time to small joys in their lives feel happier.


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When you do good, it cheers you up. Help a friend in some business or volunteer for work on Saturdays in the morning – people who do this, smile much more often.

Physical activity

Training is not just a way to burn calories. Between the level of physical activity and happiness is a direct link. That is, performing the exercises, you not only bring the body in order, but also mitigate the symptoms of mental illness.


They are more valuable than things. Let’s say you have money – do not waste it on clothes and useless junk. Better pay yourself a new emotion: go on a trip, book a dance, buy an interesting book, etc.


Meditation teaches us to live in the present moment. A number of studies have shown that people who practice meditation feel healthier and happier than those who constantly remember the past or are worried about the future.

Meditation, Friends

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The best way to spend your free time is to spend it with your friends. And if your friends share more positive experience than complain about their problems, then communicating with them will make you truly happy.

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