Plant Based Omega-3 Optimal Nutrition

Plant Based Omega-3 Optimal Nutrition
Chia Salvia hispanica

Today’s modern world of science, health, fitness, diet, and nutrition is ever evolving, with trends such as the great “acai berry” or diet, coming and going, each seeming a bit particular or bizarre than the next. Then there were the ‘lose fat FAST diets’, strictly fruit-based diets, and so forth which also have seemingly gone as swiftly as they came. Most recently however, a naturally organic seed has shown to be very supplemental as both an anti-inflammatory, as well as (daily) source of Omega 3 nutrients and fatty acids, fiber, and even protein!

These seeds, known as Chia Seeds, are most prominently known for their product and distribution through the manufacturer Mamma Chia. These seeds are interestingly enough from the mint family, and originate in southern Mexico and Guatemala.

What makes Chia Seeds especially unique is that they are both gluten and vegetarian friendly, so they can easily be mixed into nearly any recipe, including to serve as an egg-friendly replacement or cohort to amplify the nutritional value of your meals.

While consuming Chia Seeds alone by themselves can taste bitter and be a rather unpleasant experience, it is possible, and arguably beats daily consumption of fish-oil pills or other large, unruly vitamins (‘horse pills’)! In fact, Mamma Chia has even created and released drinks that you can purchase in which are nutrient rich of the Chia Seeds main compound minerals and acidic agents that benefit your health most!

Luckily for us as consumers, Mamma Chia makes fruit-smoothie like pouches, snacks, granolas, and more all containing high, sufficient levels of Chia Seeds to benefit your health!

All in all, one of the most valuable attributes of the Chia Seeds are that they are proven to be a very effective anti-inflammatory. Medical experts, researchers, and nutritionally savvy experts and educated individuals alike are always seeking new ways and sources of anti-inflammatory compounds or elements, to speed up the lengthy and often painful or otherwise uncomfortable recovery both psychologically and physically involved with the most demanding cardiovascular or otherwise intense weight-lifting routines, sports, and more.

Anyone seeking to pursue an all organic, plant-based diet, or are simply attempting to draw up and more responsibly follow a diet routine based around anti-inflammatory foods, nutrients, and minerals; the Chia Seeds are a great place to start!

People choose alternative nutritional solutions such as Chia Seeds because many publicly advertised ‘healthy snacks’, even at times “backed by professionals”, are often filled with unnatural and extraordinarily unhealthy amounts of processed sugar, salts, and other unnatural ingredients in which are known for causing unwanted weight loss, sugar addictions, unhealthy eating habits, and even tooth-decay. This is why it’s especially so important to always read the nutritional label and information for any and all food that you consume on a regular basis.

If you’re serious about tracking and getting the most out of your diet and the nutrients, minerals, and foods in which you consume, then it is most understandably practical to ensure you maintain accountability for what it is you’re putting into your body by always reading the nutritional labels first, especially before purchasing foods at the grocery store or supermarket.

Image credit: Salvia hispanica (Wikipedia)

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