It is Possible to Stay Obese and Keep Healthy at the same time?

It is Possible to Stay Obese and Keep Healthy at the same time?For long, health experts, nutritionists, and dietitians strongly believed that surplus fat was a mere repository of idle calories and was not potentially harmful, from the perspective of health. On the other hand, health studies carried out in the past two decades overwhelmingly suggest that the superfluous flab around the waist and thighs are breeding grounds for cytokines. Lipid cells and tissues-the basic components of the fatty buildup-are the breeding grounds of cytokines. Since then, various studies and clinical tests have been conducted both proving and disproving the health hazards of obesity.

Conflicting Health Reports

NIH in 1998 published a paper whose guidelines averred that keeping physically fit despite being obese alleviated the risk of dying prematurely. This meant that you were not obliged to go on an overdrive with regards to your weight loss program. However the inferences of a research conducted on more than 1.3 million Swedish males over a period of three decades by the ‘International Journal of Epidemiology’ contradicts the findings of NIH. If one were to go by the report of IJE, physically unfit men who were not overweight were less prone to dying prematurely in comparison to healthy, corpulent males.

Obesity Increases the Chances of Contracting Inflammatory Diseases

International Journal of Epidemiology in an earlier issue published in 2015 mentioned a strong correlation between increased inflammatory levels and obesity. So, if an individual was unable to shed excess fat in spite of sticking to a perfectly structured weight loss regimen, he was vulnerable to contracting inflammatory disorders like CHD, Alzheimer’s, and hypertension. Further research carried out to establish the deleterious effects of unwarranted fat have corroborated that cardiac or abdominal flabbiness increased the probabilities of one suffering from heart attacks and strokes. Hence it can be inferred convincingly that staying in the pink of health alone would not reduce the risks of contracting an inflammatory disease. You’d also have to keep fit and trim by getting rid of unwanted body fat to ensure a long life.

The Following Techniques Will Help You to Shed Fat and Lose Weight

Supplement Your Diets with a Probiotic-Significantly enough, the microbial composition in your gut or belly influenced to a considerable extent your weight loss or weight-management program. You’d be better off avoiding an American diet that typically includes foods processed from meats and dairy products which boost the proliferation of microbes in the abdomen that promote inflammation. Including a probiotic food item in your daily meals will go a long way in the thriving of symbiotic bacteria in the gut.

Don’t Be Too Preoccupied with BMI

Contrary to popular belief and what you might assume, BMI is not a foolproof tool for determining and or standardizing obesity. Generally, bodybuilders or athletes who’re regarded as extremely lean individuals have 10-12% of visceral fat. However, as per the BMI scale, someone weighing 220 pounds with a height of 5’10” is regarded as overweight. The bioelectrical impedance assessment or BIA tool helps you make a more comprehensive evaluation of your fat mass in contrast to your weight as it takes more parameters into account.

Stick to Whole Foods and Nutrient-Rich Foods

Instead of getting puzzled or overwhelmed about which dieting regimen to follow, just add more fruits, vegetables, whole foods, lean meat, and pure dairy products. These type of foods aid in driving out harmful toxins from your body as well as prevent unnecessary fat buildup.

Bear in mind that staying healthy does not simply imply adhering to a weight loss schedule, especially if such a program doesn’t enable you to burn fat and lose extra kilos. The idea is to have a well-toned body by following healthy lifestyle habits and staying away from junk or processed foods.

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