Striking a proper balance of workout and exercise in shedding excess body weight

Striking a proper balance of workout and exercise in shedding excess body weightWorkouts arrive with multiple health benefits including that of shedding excess physical weight. Exercise will not be sufficient alone if there is a plan for weight loss. It is because our body does have the capacity to endure physical activities to the highest possible level and so there is no scope of reducing more calories through extensive exercise only. Researchers have also found in a recent study that people involved in physical activity at a moderate level have the chance of burning increasing levels of calories in each day compared to those who are involved in physical activities at a lowest level for weight loss.

They have also found an interesting fact in the research that those who involved in moderate and extensive physical activities usually burns similar calorie amounts. Researchers till now have not been able to found why extensive level of physical activity is not contributing to higher loss of calories from the body. But they still emphasize the need for exercise along with workout for having a sound health and body. As it is impossible to shed weight with only physical activities, researchers are also suggesting for bringing diet control in the menu.

According to Herman Pontzer as our body is fast adapting to the intensity of extensive physical tasks at a higher and moderate levels and so there is parity and equality in the energy expenditure. It is because of that people involved in moderate or extensive levels of activities are witnessing similar amount of calorie reduction to weight loss. According to him, introducing change in the food habits can further burn higher body fat levels. In order to establish a link between physical activities and burning down of calories, researches have conducted a study on people between the age group of 25- 45 years living in nations like Jamaica, South Africa, Ghana, USA and so on.

The link of this research became more prominent when it was based on lifestyles of the people. Here it was found that people who are busy in moderate activity level do have the chance of higher weight loss than those engaged in sedentary activities. But the result does get similar when compared with people involved in increased level of physical activity. The same research is also conducted on a specific group of tribal hunters in Tanzania known as Hadza. During the on-going experiment it was discovered that the primary cause of calorie burning is not entirely based on the physical activity levels but also to same extent is based regular cellular activities that involve removal of waste products and flowing of essential nutrients. Pontzer is of opinion that human bodies often tend to shed less calories on those tasks that they are already accustomed to and so there is the chance of weight loss on those activities that they are unaccustomed. Hence there is the necessity to strike a balance between exercise levels for good health.

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