Soviet Union Exposed Website Posts Personal data and Credit Reports on Celebrities shows celebreties personal data
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A website Tuesday published a data dump (aka dox) that included the supposed social security number and last-known Chicago phone numbers for Michelle Obama, as well as a recent credit report from TransUnion in her name. Dated March 11, 2013, that credit report lists multiple bank and credit card accounts, including credit limits, details of any late payments, as well as account numbers, although the last four numbers of each account were starred out.

“Blame your husband, we still love you, Michelle. <3” read a message posted above the information.

The website behind the dox,, began publishing sensitive information on public officials and celebrities Monday. By Tuesday, the list of doxed people had grown to include not just Michelle Obama, but also Vice President Joe Biden, FBI director Robert Mueller, Attorney General Eric Holder and Los Angeles Police Department chief Charlie Beck.


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