Single Malt Scotch Whisky may treat many diseases, including cancer

Single Malt Scotch British chemist and scientific consultant for the whiskey industry Dr. James Swan claims that Single Malt Scotch Whisky is also good for health, such as the consumption of red wine, which is drunk in a certain amount has to protect against osteoporosis.

And a minimum of 80% of the population of Scotland, Ireland and Britain agree with that statement, because of the quality of cask whiskey, have been tested and confirmed by generations of those people in the past 400-500 years.

With regards to cancer, the islanders have an old sea treatment, whom at the time Winston Churchill took advantage of.

The treatment is based on the application of this single malt scotch whiskey with a mandatory being next to the sea water. And not just the water, but only in the open sea on a ship.

Churchill sailed for a year while consuming single malt scotch whiskey. After that, he completely cured of 4th stage cancer  and lived up to be 91-year old, each day puffing cigars and drinking cask spirits. This did not prevent him from having a sober memory and being elected several times as a prime minister, like Margaret Thatcher, who is also a great lover of single malt scotch whiskey.

Single malt scotch whisky, protect against cancer, as they contain more antioxidants, than the red wine, too, and have a share of ellagic acid, which is found in red raspberries. These ingredients contain more free radicals, as established on the basis of his research Dr. D. Swan. Professionals from the British research institute for the treatment of cancer are advised to drink plenty of fruit juices, as they have more ellagic acid.

Currently, doctors recommend to consume single malt scotch whiskey Laphroaig, since it has a high content of salt and iodine for the activity of the thyroid gland, which is necessary for people who suffer from impaired thyroid.

Scottish monks have began to produce single malt scotch whiskey in the late 15th century, only for medicinal purposes, and as an alternative protection clans from intentional vodka soldering foreign colonists. Their popularity soon spread throughout Europe.Consumed Scottish single malt scotch whiskey has become useful and worthy.

The main areas of single malt scotch whiskey production is in Scotland – it’s Highlands, Speyside  and Orkney Islands in the central and northern parts of the country, as well as Lowlands in the south, the peninsula Campbelltown and the island of Islay in the south-west.

Added on 6/19/2014.
Came across an interesting video of Dr. Jim Wan

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