Symptoms and Causes of Anxiety Headaches

Symptoms and Causes of Anxiety Headaches

Everyone, at least once in their life, felt a headache. The reason can be in cold, failure of the day, stress, prolonged stay in the heat, or vice versa – in the cold. But headaches can occur not only because of health problems but also because of our fears.

Indicators of headache

Fears are the cause of headaches. Therefore, if you recognize yourself in one of the following phrases – it is important to start working on the root cause:

  • “I have a headache when I work on the weekend. I do not have time to do everything in the office and I am afraid of the remarks of the boss”.
  • “I always have a headache after a stormy party with alcohol. I’m afraid that I behaved inappropriately at the party”.
  • “When I communicating with one of my colleagues, I always have a headache. This colleague discusses and criticizes everyone. I’m sure he’s discussing and criticizing me too”.
  • “I get a headache when I communicate with clients because I’m afraid to make a mistake”.
  • “It always seems to me that I am not a good enough professional”.

All these phrases tell about the fear of criticism, the fear of not being the perfect person, the fear of making a mistake.

How to prevent a headache: two express methods

1. You can relax the muscles by massaging the head. Focus on pleasant sensations.

2. Deep breathing. Focus on your breathing. Watch the movement of air inside you. Think only of the breath.

These methods work if you catch the emotion at the beginning, at the time of its origin, and recognized it, and decided to work with it.

How to get rid of fears and headaches: four ways

1. If your fears are justified

If you really make a lot of mistakes and you are often criticized, it is worth listening to. Maybe you are doing something that you are not interested in. If this matter is important to you, then you should improve the quality of your work, get trained.

2. If your fears are unfounded

If you are a professional and do everything at the highest level, then just laugh at yourself and relax.

3. Be yourself

You should not force yourself to be the way others want to see you. Remember that there will always be dissatisfaction.

4. Consult a specialist for the deep elaboration of fears

If you can not cope with your fears and the headache does not go – do not be afraid to seek professional help.

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