The “Metabolone” and your Health

The "Metabolone" and your HealthThe gut is a brilliant, natural masterpiece in our body that it consumes, absorbs, and evolves the foods we feed it into different acids, compounds, and nutrient application.

Recent studies and research have attempted to identify the values or downfalls of a vegetarian diet, versus partial carnivorous diet, versus a completely (or dominant) carnivorous diet. In efforts to gauge the development of bacteria, and how our gut or “machine” breaks down and utilizes these compounds it’s important to appreciate that different foods or supplements will have different effects on our bodies. For example, a fruit and vegetable-heavy diet proved to initiate a desirable amount of healthy bacteria’s within the gut that would later fight off bad bacteria, illnesses, and diseases. This research was conducted through the usage of blood and urine analysis, by the University of Naples Federico II in Italy by Danilo Ercolini. This testing revealed that short-term fatty acids as well as  trimethylamine oxide developed in the gut dependent upon compliance with a vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, or mixed-like diet. In regards to food consumption and healthy living, it’s important to point out that too much meat-consumption can cause an increase in trimethylamine oxide which can later cause heart disease or otherwise prove to be toxic to the system. Likewise, short-term fatty acids can also cause issues within the body barring excessive consumption or unnecessary combinations of the aforementioned foods. That is, since our bodies require a certain amount of all types of nutrients daily, not just one from a specific food group such as meats or vegetables.

This research and recent experiments collectively demonstrate that in proportion anything can be harmful, or even the complete opposite to the body dependent upon varying factors, the individual, and the value or quality of said foods. However, in excess, or at the cost of depletion of other much-needed nutrients or foods that any ‘one’ of something within a diet can also prove to be detrimental to our health–and even sometimes, as mentioned above, fatal.

Dr. James Lewis, a gastroenterologist and professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania pointed out on a side-note that because our gut is like a machine, it relies on us to make the best food and diet based choices so that it might create and utilize bacteria’s and rejuvenate organisms within our bodies to properly maintain itself. Dr. Lewis also stated that it’s probable that the gut bacteria in our stomachache’s are what cause these changes in of itself, rather than the foods or nutrients we directly consume. In other words, while a diet can have a strong influence on the ways in which your body metabolizes and protects itself, it is not necessarily a direct factor that immediately effects your health or ability to maintain a healthy living. Rather, other variables such as sleep or rest, exercise, stress, and even environment should be taken into account for the changes in our bodies and our overall health.

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