What are the Healthiest Drinks to Your Health?

What are the Healthiest Drinks to Your HealthTo the body worked as a clock, doctors advise to drink about 2-3 liters of liquid a day. Not for nothing that the human body is 50-70% water! And in infants, this percentage reaches 87% of the body weight, and the elderly is reduced to 50%. But which fluid do you need to drink?

Someone drinks coffee all day and believes that this liquid is enough for the body, someone prefers sweet soda, and for someone the main thing is charged with a “portion” of alcohol. About what drinks are the most useful for the body, told in this article.

First place in terms of utility is quality drinking water: spring, well, mineralized. You can drink and tap, but it must necessarily pass through a quality filter.

In order to ensure a normal digestion, it is necessary to use sour-milk products. They improve the intestinal microflora and are absorbed much better than, say, milk. The organisms of many people, especially with age, can not digest sugar called lactose, which is found in whole milk, and therefore for these people it is preferable to sour milk drinks.

Herbal teas are also very useful, for example, mint tea.

Another useful drink in our list is green tea. It strengthens the heart and blood vessels, prevents oncological diseases and removes harmful toxins from the body. By the way, today it is fashionable to use the South American drink mate, which is also useful. It is prepared from dried crushed leaves and young shoots of holly Paraguayan. Mate contains less caffeine than tea and coffee, while it has 156 active vitamins and minerals. This drink is considered tonic and energetic.

If you talk in general about juices, then first of all you need to drink those that are prepared from berries and fruits growing in our region. Undoubtedly, apple and pear, as well as all the juices from berries are useful. As for the juice of vegetables, they have invaluable healing properties, so they have always been used in medicine.

A separate conversation about tomato juice. It has a lot of glucose and fructose, there are organic acids, vitamins and trace elements. Some substances contained in this juice have anti-inflammatory and antitumor effect. In addition, tomato juice helps the development of serotonin in the body – the “hormone of joy.” The tomato juice is limited only to those who are allergic to “red” foods or suffer from heartburn.

Finally, cocoa and chocolate, which have been loved by most of us, can be drunk to improve the body’s tone and fight depression. These drinks are known for high levels of serotonin, therefore they contribute to a good mood. However, it should be remembered that you need to use only quality cocoa and chocolate.

Finally, about drinks that need to be either completely excluded from the diet, or significantly limited. This is alcohol, today popular energy drinkers, as well as sweet fizzy drinks. The less one uses them, the better for his digestion and the state of the body as a whole.

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