5 Healthy Breakfasts: Fast Recipes for Busy Mornings

5 Healthy Breakfasts: Fast Recipes for Busy Mornings

In fact, each of us needs to start the day well to gather strength and energy to redo everything and work effectively. In this case, be sure to mention breakfast.

One of the ways to eat in the morning, instead of quickly stuffing yourself with high-calorie meals, is to prepare food in advance.

Prepare these breakfasts to start the day successfully

1. Light breakfast

If you want to reduce your calorie intake, by no means skip breakfast. Instead of going hungry in the morning, choose this hearty option that has only 200 calories.


  • A cup of tea of ​​your choice;
  • Sandwich with vegetables (salad, tomato), wholemeal bread, and fresh cheese.

2. Anti-stress breakfast

Do you have a long and hard day ahead of you at work? Does it seem that this time the stress will definitely take over you? Then prepare yourself this delicious energy breakfast (225 calories), which perfectly relieves anxiety and calms.


  • A cup of green tea;
  • 1 pear;
  • Bowl of whole grains with oat milk.

3. Breakfast to improve mental performance

If your job involves mental work or you have to concentrate a lot, be sure to try this breakfast, which is full of important nutrients.

It has more calories than previous versions (about 470) but is a great way to get rid of morning fatigue and start the day well.


  • 1 cup skim milk;
  • Bowl of oatmeal with dried fruit;
  • 1 apple or banana.

4. Breakfast for a healthy heart

Do you have high cholesterol? Or maybe pressure problems? If you are prone to heart disease, be sure to prepare this breakfast to improve your health.


  • A cup of green tea;
  • One serving of whole wheat bread with tuna;
  • A few nuts;
  • 1 ​​kiwi.

5. Breakfast for athletes

If you are an athlete or do intense exercise, prepare breakfast with simple sugars to get a charge of energy.

Thanks to a generous breakfast with protein and antioxidants, you will be able to improve the results of your training.


  • 1 glass of orange juice;
  • A slice of whole wheat bread with smoked ham;
  • A handful of dried fruits with a teaspoon of honey.

Why you do not should skip breakfast

Many people skip breakfast because they think it will be easier for them to lose extra pounds. Giving up morning calories seems like an easy way to lose weight.

However, this is not the case. In fact, the lack of breakfast can affect the appearance of excess weight. Due to lack of energy, the metabolism slows down and fat begins to accumulate in the body.

Moreover, in a few hours, you will begin to notice that the feeling of anxiety and stress has intensified. As a result, you may want to eat something high in calories, such as sweets.

Here are the other consequences of skipping breakfast:

  • problems concentrating and remembering things;
  • fatigue or drowsiness;
  • anxiety, stress, emotional imbalance;
  • a decrease in muscle mass;
  • a weakening of the immune system;
  • digestive disorders;
  • nutrient deficiency.

What to do if you have little time for breakfast?

You do not need to spend a lot of time to enjoy a full, balanced, and healthy breakfast.

In fact, just follow a few simple tips:

  1. Wake up 15-20 minutes earlier than usual. This will give you time to prepare breakfast.
  2. Plan breakfasts for the week ahead. If you write down what you are going to eat, you will be able to buy all the necessary foods in advance.
  3. Prepare smoothies. These drinks are quick to prepare and you can mix different ingredients to make a light and complete breakfast.

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