Anticipated Boost Of Wild Ginseng Sales In US

Anticipated Boost Of Wild Ginseng Sales In USFor almost a decade, the prices of wild ginseng are hitting record highs and seemingly competing with quality Swiss watches. This tangled appearing and scrubby roots are utilized for treatment of several ailments. Several predictions and speculations indicate the numbers reaching nearly $1,400 per pound. Consequently, poaching incidents are frequent leading to parklands being scanned by security cameras. Diggers of the tangled roots are also appearing in various reality shows. It includes Smoky Mountain Money and Appalachian Outlaws.

According to history, American ginseng roots and its close cousin are well recognized folk medicines. It is true particularly when harvested out of wild plants. According to studies, the active ingredient ginsenosides has mood uplifting and immunity boosting abilities. It can also reduce cancer risk to certain extent and bring blood sugar levels down in diabetes. Despite limited evidence, this plant is useful in treating a variety of ailments. It ranges from breast cancer to ADHD and arthritis to schizophrenia mostly. Erectile dysfunction could be also treated by the roots.

Ozark and Appalachian regions of the public parks grow wild ginseng. With minimal domestication, this plant is believably more potent as noted by enthusiasts. Four grades are available for users including wild stimulated, wild, field grown and woods grown. The first one is planted all alone while the fourth one is cultivated through pesticides. Field grown ones are usually cultivated in Wisconsin and Canada.

These health enhancing roots are mostly purchased by Asian buyers, particularly Korea and China. These people treasure bulbous root-shaped turnips usually available in wild. They can also make decent payments for human figure like roots with a penis and four limbs. Plenty of desirable features are available with this root. This root has a taller neck alongside extra rings and strong wrinkling which reveals their potency. Diggers should be careful and may invest several hours for harvesting a single plant. According to ginseng expert Beyfuss, using a shovel for poking a hole will eventually get you screwed. Oldest of roots are known to be costly in maximum cases.

According to some sources, in the year 2007 a Chinese purchaser invested $400,000 to have a three century old root that weighs below one pound. According to specialist Bob Beyfuss, based on age, it is known to absorb higher energy. Owing to high disposable income among Chinese, believe experts, the wild ginseng is harvested to almost extinction yielding cachet, the American species. Prices are going down owing to increase in their supplies. American government is also mulling trade restrictions to prevent such situations in future.

The roots need to be at least 5 years old to be harvested legally. As per expert estimates, if Feds try protecting them by banning their sale, black market may just swallow the remaining. With no incentive for replanting, it is likely to extinct in 5 years period.

Various measures are implemented for protection of these roots against poaching. 24 x 7 surveillance, automatic weaponry, dogs, faking and hiding are used extensively. As per some sources, more than 50 poachers are being arrested throughout the last five years.

Image credit: Lohrie~commonswiki (Wikipedia)

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