Weight training trends changed with passage of time

Weight training trends changed with passage of timeDifferent people have different opinions and assumptions about weight training. It was initially connected to bodybuilding only as comic book back portions advertised fellows. The same muscular fellows were rewarded to an extent with bikini clad women admiring their architectural physique. Thus, the completion of weight training program meant an achievement during such times.

Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger helped in popularizing which mainstreamed the entire thing called weight training. It was started off with gym promotions, bodybuilding contest victories, acting, etc. He went on to be elected as chairman for George W. Bush’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. However, his use of steroid for bodybuilding made people more judgmental on this activity. Similarly, weight training had to maintain its dubious reputation. There are many athletes who practiced road work while some of them picked jogging as a past time. All of this primarily took place during 60s and 70s time when the educated mass embraced it as trendy fitness practice. It almost flagged off healthy living which was again wholeheartedly embraced by medical community. It supported bodybuilding as a means of avoiding the heart disease epidemic.

Soon, there was linguistic proof of medicinal success in relating heart health and running. Gradually, the general masses went on to accept the term called ‘cardiovascular exercise’. An almost similar promotion of healthy positives in weight training emerged gradually. Clinical research well demonstrated the positives of resistance training for children, middle aged and older people. Initially, it was assumed that children would fail to strengthen themselves with this weight training. They were assumingly on a heightened injury risk compared to others.  Both of these are untrue as children may get stronger without bulking up. This extra strength is derived out of changes allowing nervous system for proper interaction with the muscles.

Children involved in bodybuilding through the use of heavy weight may be vulnerable to accidents. Consequently, they need to be instructed properly on the technical aspects. A person’s body weight should be a suitable load for strength training and bodybuilding irrespective of age. Many studies went on to demonstrate a reduced injury risk for sports whenever child athletes were engaged into resistance training programs.

Another school of thought reveals the presence of vast literature explaining the resistance training positives for seniors. Majority of human beings lose up to five pounds muscle after each decade of crossing 30 years age. It leads to a certain strength loss within this population group which may be prevented. Strength obtained from bodybuilding goes on ensure better functioning to remain independent while heading into old ages. These exercises can also lower the osteoarthritis pain slowing bone loss and providing sufficient protection against fractures. It can also reduce the vulnerability of frequent falls and boost metabolic rate which helps in maintaining a healthy body weight. There was a study conducted in recent times which went deeper to reveal the secrets of weight training. Investigators discovered that almost an hour of weight training can easily lower diabetes risk to a great extent. It can be compared to something like aerobic exercises.

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Image source: Valeriy Lebedev

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