Brain Sustainment and Conditioning

Brain Sustainment and Conditioning
Brain fitness activities can improve brain functionality

The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease recently released a study conducted on upwards of 120 participants with the average age around 70 years old, to determine if, and what sorts of brain activities, therapy, conditioning, and dieting measures could or would be most effective in restoring brain memory, activity, and prolonging it’s health.

Using MRI’s and other brain-mapping techniques and technology, professional researchers, scientists, and surveyors alike gauged the total effectivity of such brain fitness exercises, how they directly impacted the hypothalamus, and even other parts of the brain.

Diet and Brain Hygiene

Through the course of the aforementioned study, in addition to other studies recently conducted using brain fitness and exercise techniques, researchers and neurologists found that improving brain functionality and total lifespan could be as simple as adding a 2 hour a week routine of brain activities, games, and testing to promote overall growth.

Additionally, and many people neglect such an element, dieting, proper sleep, and nutrition also equally play vital roles in brain hygiene, maintenance, and promoting good health.

In essence, neurologists and researchers alike pointed out that through these studies conducted, individuals typically have one of two options. Either A, individuals can allow their brains to deteriorate over time, not exercising it with brain fitness activities and usage, or Option B, regular weekly therapy, brain fitness activities, and a healthier nutrition plan that will improve brain functionality.

Research shows that the majority of men in general, especially young adult to middle aged, deprived themselves of everyday nutrients and minerals, such as B12 for example, and in turn promoted deterioration of the brain and a lack of overall usage of many parts of the brain integral to prolonging life, motor skills, and memory.

More Options to Exercise Brain Fitness

Research and professionals pointed out that even outside of the testing realm, individuals can easily strengthen their overall brain performance and sustainability through online brain games, activities, and other nutrients and dieting without much efforts.

In fact, researchers found that a Mediterranean diet in particular is most effective to-date in strengthening multiple parts of the brain integral to processing and remembering information, as well as logical and analytical thinking, and lastly problem solving skills.

Regardless of age, individuals are encouraged to explore and discover what diet, nutrition, and exercise regimes most effective for strengthening the brain at any age, and prolonging its overall life to avoid complications and health issues.

Image credit: Chudomir Tsankov

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