Depression at Night: How to Cope with Nighttime Depression

How to Cope with Nighttime DepressionAt night, many people are depressed, faced with an increase in her symptoms.

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world. According to the World Health Organization, this disease affects more than 300 million people worldwide.

Why depression worsen at night

During the day, most people are busy with work, studying and communicating with friends and family. Our social life does not allow us to think about the bad, but at night a person remains alone with his thoughts.

In addition, scientists believe that the symptoms of depression may increase due to a circadian rhythm disorder. This state of affairs can be caused by an abundance of artificial lighting, which can enhance mood disorders.

What to do to cope with night depression

A good and sound sleep is important for the well-being of a person, so a huge number of thoughts that do not allow you to fall asleep and cause anxiety can significantly shake your health. Therefore, use the tips that can help you avoid increasing depression at night.

  • Do not use a computer or smartphone two hours before bedtime. In general, it is necessary to avoid bright artificial light.
  • Limit the use of coffee and alcohol. These drinks can enhance the symptoms of depression and disturb sleep.
  • Take off the accumulated stress of the day. You can meditate, read a book before bedtime, or do any other occupation that calms you.
  • Remove all the stress factors from the bedroom that might prevent you from relaxing. A TV, a smartphone with always coming notifications can trigger an alarm.
  • Two hours before bedtime, spend in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. It often happens that activities that are full of physical activity can completely deprive you of sleep and cause disturbing thoughts.

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