Glamorous dogs are eternal love or a tribute to fashion

The fashion for small dogs has already been several thousand years. Even queen Cleopatra kept at the court Maltese dog, which also in its way glamorous dogs. In ancient Rome noble ladies started melilit. In the XVIII-XIX centuries secular lionesses appeared at events, pinching under the arm of miniature companions. Our age was no exception. Dogs accompany their hostesses on social occasions and fashionable parties, in restaurants, nightclubs and long trips. Fortunately, they fit perfectly in a small women’s bag.

Glamorous dogs

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Breeds that enjoy the love of modern secular ladies are many. Happy owners of “living jewelry” pampers them as they can. Shih Tzu, Chinese Crested Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, glamorous dogs and clothes for them are chosen taking into account the latest fashion trends. Virtually all high fashion houses create special collections for four-legged pets. Babies buy jewelry, make a manicure, fashionable hairstyles, and if necessary, lead to special “dog” psychologists.
Glamorous dogs, pictures of which are filled with glossy magazines and the Internet, draw attention to their owners as well as smart dresses and glittering jewelry. They are a symbol of success, prosperity and belonging to a “higher society”. Such a baby already ceases to be perceived as an animal. And therefore, according to many, from a friend and pet is gradually becoming simply a luxury item.

Glamorous dogs, pictures

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“The darling of fate” or “the victim of fashion”?

The fashion for glamorous dogs has a lot of opponents. Many animal rights advocates believe that such treatment of a living being is absolutely unacceptable. For example, in England, the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals plans to impose punishment for the owners, “dressing up” their pets. It is believed that hats, shoes and overalls can cause harm to small animals. And “unhealthy way of life” shakes their nervous system.

The fashion for glamorous dogs

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On the other hand, it’s no secret that almost all dogs – whether important or small – have their own “mission”. There are hunting, watchdog and special fighting breeds. Dogs “serve” in police and customs, “work” border guards and rescuers. The work of glamorous dogs – to accompany their owners at social events. It seems that this is not the most sad fate.

However, there is another problem. Fashion is a capricious thing. Today one breed is at the peak of popularity, tomorrow – another. And if the glamorous doggie is just an accessory, then how to be “out of fashion” creature?

This issue is seriously taken care of in the UK. There appeared a firm that provides “for hire” well-bred and well-groomed dogs of the most fashionable breeds. Thus, ladies who want to show off at a reception or a party with a “living toy” are spared from almost all worries. The service is a success.

A little happiness

However, it seems that for most people the predilection for glamorous dogs is not just a tribute to fashion. Faithful, reliable, affectionate and surprisingly cute creatures simply can not but cause reciprocal love.

A little happiness

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These dogs perfectly relieve stress. They are able to cheer and improve the mood even at the most difficult moment. And thanks to their tiny size, the lucky mistress can not part with her little miracle for a minute.

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