Going Vegan could protect You AND the Environment

Going Vegan could protect You AND the EnvironmentRecent research has found that up to 60-70% of Greenhouse Emissions which negatively impact the environment and cause global warming can be averted through an increase of vegan diets across the globe. Not only is going vegan optimal for your health as opposed to diets heavy in red meats, but it also offers the environment a more stable, healthier longevity in projected lifespan and efficacy.

While many people are in denial or perhaps ‘ignorant’ to the facts of carbon emissions and negative impact on the environment caused by poor dieting, awareness of vegan diets are becoming more and more popular, as celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger publicly praise such diets in being the most effective to a healthier and stronger YOU!

For many people across the world, acknowledging and adhering to the guidelines of the good ol’ fashioned Food Pyramid has become a part of the past. However continued research and publication by the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food goes to show that a lack of fruits and vegetables in the everyday diets of citizens across the globe commonly lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and again is even negatively impacting the environment and a likely forecasted variable to global warming.

Statistically speaking, over 8 million deaths could be averted by the year 2050 if more individuals pick up vegan (or vegetarian) diets as the years pass. In fact, according to scientific research adhering to a vegetable and fruit based diet is found to be only a fraction of the cost of other diets in which are rich in poor nutrition, unhealthy snacks, and red or processed meat. The calories, fats, and unnatural chemicals found in these foods are often found to be the triggers for illnesses and diseases which are heavily impacting nation after nation throughout the world.

Should the world become more serious and jump on board to a committed plan that is designed to prevent unnatural and unhealthy greenhouse gases and carbons, livestock farms and other unhealthy or unnatural chemical and food processing procedures should face over 50% cuts or more in the upcoming years.
American and Asian countries appear to be some of the top leaders in unhealthy and unnatural eating habits of processed and red meats. Should these countries and societies decide to give a Mediterranean-like vegan diet a chance by cutting out the unhealthy fats, carbs, and chemicals of meats the world may very well live to a much longer age–and supercharge a healthier society in just a matter of mere years!

Perhaps most interestingly of all, over one trillion dollars of annual lost funds could be restored and averted through decreased demand of medical services and sick-days combined for employees across the globe.

While many people are in denial of the environmental and everyday health hazards of red-meat and processed-rich foods, scientific research continues to yield more and more results demonstrating that such diets are not only hazardous to the environment, but also to the individual health of people who pursue an otherwise unhealthy or imbalanced diet.

Image credit: Елена Ерёменко

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