Maximizing Your Health and Memory

Maximizing Your Health and MemoryThere are many ways, in many places for various types of people to seek out, enjoy, and remember positive experiences—also known as happiness.
What defines happiness for some, is not always a guaranteed way of creating happiness for others. Ultimately, it comes down to not only personality, but also the methods in which an individual or individuals are seeking happiness, for what reasons, and with who.

Believe it or not, maximizing your health can also mean maximizing your brains memory capacity, and in turn creating more happiness in your life, feeling better about yourself, those around you, and ultimately contributing to the social and intellectual expansion of your mind.

Why Health Matters

Fruits and vegetables on a daily basis contribute in a positive manner, greatly, through various different channels. For starters, many fruits and vegetables are great for your skin, as well as your blood, and even thought-processing or ability to produce, recall, and maintain memories as you age.
Many popular “brain foods” or fruits such as blueberries, vegetables like avocados, and even pomegranates contribute greatly to the cleansing of the body, as well as mind. That is, as many fruits such as berries—all of them—have phytonutrients and antioxidants in them that really contribute to a healthier you.

While many people complain that fruits and even some vegetables are unreasonably expensive without justification, this is not necessarily the case nor fair. That is, if we took into consideration the other activities and expenditures we were involved with in the name of ‘happiness’ such as cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, or other unnecessary activities or foods (negative towards our health), we’d ultimately be able to more realistically afford essential nutrients and minerals through the consumption of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis—don’t forget the good ol’ fashioned Food Pyramid!

The reality is, especially for those that reside within the United States, that many—including the healthiest ones—exotic fruits and vegetables are just that, exotic, and are therefore imported, which understandably makes them come in at a heftier price for purchase at the supermarket.
Happiness and Your Body

For those that are seeking to obtain greater happiness in life, and more adequately manager their stress, consider some of the following steps:
• Dig deep into yourself to determine what your true ‘pursuit of happiness’ is internally, and not so much as your commonly external consideration of life on a regular basis.
• Find and internalize—as well as externalize—gratitude for that in which you do have, not what you don’t. Selfishness, greed, and dissatisfaction with life frequently negatively impact an individual’s ability to find and maintain happiness. Also, they lead to various—continued—unhealthy habits, which in turn deprive you of any realistic happiness, in the short-term, but especially long-term.
• Allocate the time, find, and consider the value of signing up for and contributing to something that’s greater than yourself—for example volunteering or joining a club.
• Most importantly, expand your life and your mind, sign up to learn foreign languages, get out more and meet new people for an affordable cost, and make social memories to both strengthen relationships, as well as achieve happiness beyond those in which are attained through materialistic-only products.

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