How to strengthen bones and joints

Thinning of bones, the washing out of calcium, weak joints are becoming common even for young people, unfortunately. Osteoporosis, arthritis and arthrosis also “get younger”. Therefore, you can not sit and wait for the illness to come, you need to strengthen the bones constantly!

The main element of protecting bones from destruction is calcium

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In addition to physical activity, it will help to make products and vitamins. The main element of protecting bones from destruction is calcium. A person on average should consume 100 mg of this product per day. Milk, hard cheeses, cottage cheese are the main suppliers of calcium. Cheese is generally an absolutely wonderful product for weight loss, invented even a special cheese diet that provides a sufficient amount of protein and calcium, unlike other mono-diets. For those who do not tolerate lactose, even dairy products without lactose exist today for people with intolerance to this hormone.

In addition to dairy products, a significant amount of calcium is in products such as Atlantic herring, mackerel, white cabbage, watercress, sesame.

But the use of calcium in tablets should be treated with caution. Medicines with calcium must necessarily contain vitamin D, because synthetic calcium can be absorbed incorrectly and lead to the formation of stones.


Saturate the body with calcium half the case. We still need to learn it. This will help vitamin D, which is found in quail eggs, fish and seafood, liver.

The formation of bone tissue is also impossible without vitamin A. It is absorbed only with fats, so do not forget to add a spoonful of cream to the carrot fresh, and fill the carrot salad with sour cream or olive oil! Another is regularly eating meat, cereals, eggs, because they have phosphorus – this element serves to restore bones.

And so familiar to us, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which is abundant in citrus and currant, helps to synthesize collagen of bone tissue.

Zinc, magnesium and manganese

In addition to calcium, bones and joints need zinc. Without it, a person begins osteoporosis. Zinc is abundant in the liver, pork and beef tenderloin, poultry, cereals, beans and peas, and also in pine nuts.

Magnesium serves as a catalyst for phosphorus and potassium. First of all, this metal is needed for children, pregnant women and those who like to sit on a low-calorie diet. Wheat bran, sea kale, seeds, cereals, legumes – all are sources of magnesium.

Manganese improves the growth of cartilage and bones. Without it, the building of bone tissue slows down. To avoid this, you need to regularly include in your menu beets, spinach, green salad, garlic, macaroni of hard varieties, beef liver and mushrooms.

It is useful for strengthening bones to include in your meal fresh apricots, dried apricots, orange juice.

Dangerous products for bones

In addition to products useful for bones, there are also harmful ones. Tea, coffee, refined food, soda literally “wash away” calcium from the body. Consumption of such products should be reduced, and even better – completely eliminated.

Naturally, smoking affects smoking badly. Nicotine and tar provoke the covering of bones with pores, and this is the soil for very serious diseases.

Sausages and semi-finished products strike already at the joints. Crab sticks, minerals, baking powder and other products containing phosphates are also harmful.

Fish oil gives us the vitamin  РD

It is very important for connective tissues and interarticulate fluid hyaluronic acid. Replenish its amount will help mucopolysaccharides (cartilage of animals, birds and fish, chilli, broths, seaweed). From vitamins to joints the most important are D, C, E, K, B, A.

Movement is healthy joints and bones

Movement is healthy joints and bones

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One meal will not strengthen the bone, you also need physical exercises. Many believe that sports and fitness are needed only to form a beautiful body. However, it is not. Various loads (cardio, force) help to maintain bone mass and strengthen the bones.

First of all, joints are needed. They are created mobile and must fulfill their functions. From malnutrition or with a sedentary lifestyle, cartilaginous tissue loses its elasticity, becomes thinner, and as a result discomfort occurs during flexion and movement.

It is not necessary to become a fan of an active lifestyle. But here to find time for charging in the mornings is still very advisable! Give preference to exercises for flexibility and stretching with smooth movements – this rate perfectly tones the joints without hurting them. Great, if you decide to do yoga, swimming, start riding a bike or just buy an exercise bike for a house.

In principle, regular jogging is also useful, but during the run, listen to your body: pain in the knees is a sure sign that you need to reduce the intensity of the load on them. This is especially true for those who are overweight. In this case, replace the run on a pedestrian walk in nature or in city parks.

These measures to strengthen bones and joints will help prolong their health for many years.

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