The Best Way to Clean Out Your Body Naturally

The Best Way to Clean Out Your Body Naturally

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You can completely revitalize the body in 10-15 days. And without the use of complex therapeutic techniques or the use of medications.

You do not accidentally feel thirsty. The body requires moisture, which is very necessary for it (in the body of an adult human water content reaches 70%!). Thus, he seeks to restore the water balance. That is, equalize the amount of incoming and outgoing liquid. This process is permanent and occurs at the cellular level.

It is from the work of the cell depends on your appearance and health of internal organs, and it almost entirely consists of water. Therefore it is very important to replenish your water supplies. Especially in the summer, when the metabolism accelerates, and you quickly lose fluid. To do this, you should drink 1.5 liters of water per day. Not tea, not compote, but water. Its structure has unique properties. But only pure, with the correct structure of water is really useful. It is spring, melted or purified water. It is the basis of cell life. Start a course of recovery and rejuvenation right now!

A path with many stops

From the first sip the water begins to be absorbed by the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract. Gradually, it is absorbed by its entire surface: in the esophagus, in the stomach, in the duodenum, in the intestine. Then absorbed by blood vessels and with their help gets into the liver. This organ acts as a filter: absorbs water and analyzes its composition. Harmful substances, if possible, neutralizes, but leaves useful. The purer the water, the less the load on the liver. Then the fluid, along with nutrients and oxygen, flows to all internal organs. Cells of the brain, heart, lungs, muscles with gratitude drink revitalizing moisture. Each cell is a miniature repetition of the body. She lives, breathes, reproduces, grows old and dies. Regularly feeds brought with water substances and displays metabolic products, which are removed with the help of the lungs, skin, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract.

In the cell laboratory

The processes inside the cell proceed continuously, throughout her life. The longer she lives, the better you look, the less you are. In fact, aging begins when more cells die in the body than regenerate. Deficiency of moisture is one of the reasons for their death. Pure water is a source of useful ions that regulate processes in the cell. For example, potassium and sodium ions are responsible for the metabolism. They work on the principle of a pump. Potassium is located inside the cell, and sodium – in the intercellular space. When potassium activity decreases, sodium activity increases. It kind of pushes useful substances into the cage. Conversely, when potassium activity increases, toxins are released from the cell. Heavy metals and toxic substances that can be contained in poor-quality water block the process. This leads to swelling and, ultimately, to cell death.

It is very important that the cell retain its shape. It is supported by a shell, which also consists of water. The elasticity of the skin depends on the shape of the cells. And irregularities and wrinkles are the result of its deformation. Many cosmetic procedures are aimed specifically at restoring shell functions. But it is better to prevent the problem than to solve it. And the optimal means – regular drinking.

Now you know what happens in the body under the action of water. Make breaks for drinking a necessary part of the daily routine – and the result will not keep you waiting! After 10-15 days, that is, after “replacing” at least half the water in the body, you will forget about the constant feeling of fatigue, cheer up, and finally there will be a great mood.

Balance by 5!

Keep the water balance constantly. Here are the simplest and most affordable ways to do this:

1. In the morning, drink a glass of water. This is a kind of purification for the body. A simple, at first glance, procedure is used in serious oriental practices. Drink water about half an hour before meals. It should be at room temperature or slightly warmer. Too cold causes a spasm of blood vessels and is therefore poorly absorbed. And too hot irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach.

In the morning, drink a glass of water

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2. Drink thawed water. During the freezing, the water structure changes. Due to this, it becomes energetically rich. Getting into the body, it gives its energy to the cell, ensuring its youth and vitality. Pour clean water into a plastic bottle and place it in the freezer. Freezing will free it from heavy metals, free radicals and microorganisms. They will remain in that part of the water that has not frozen, and also in a small part of the ice (the size of the egg), which will remain after defrosting. Meltwater retains its structure and properties for 6-8 hours.

3. Take a bath. Skin is the largest organ. While you bask in the tub, it actively absorbs moisture. You can add to the effect if you add a decoction of herbs. 15 minutes is enough to feel refreshed.

Walk in the rain

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4. Walk in the rain. During the rain, ozone forms, which neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals. Also useful when drops fall on the head. And the hair, washed by rainwater, becomes healthy and shiny. But know the measure! Walking in the rain – does not mean that you need to get wet before the thread, and then freeze and get sick.

5. Walk on the dew. The dew is the water of heaven. In the air, the smallest particles of water are scattered, which determine its moisture content. Due to the difference in daytime and nighttime temperatures, it settles on grass, before passing through the air filter. Together with the dew you will absorb the energy of plants. Just do it in an ecologically clean area.

Walk on the dew

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When to drink

Everything has its time. Including for drinking water. Only then it will bring maximum benefit.

Water is like a shower for the gastrointestinal tract. It carries with it not only toxins, but also gastric juice. Water, taken directly before meals, the body perceives as food, and begins to emphasize the juices. And the liquid that comes after the meal, dilutes the enzymes that digest food. Both that, and another breaks the process of digestion. Therefore, it is not necessary to connect drinking with eating. The best option is to drink a glass one hour before or after a meal.

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