5 Reasons Why Some People Will Never Succeed

5 Reasons Why Some People Will Never SucceedToday it is popular to trust everything that sounds super innovative and nanotechnology. Smart, but incomprehensible words and promises of an instant effect – a hook, which is caught by those wishing to buy “magic pills” of success and a happy marriage.

Each of us understands the word success very differently. For someone, it’s good to marry, and for someone – it’s a noticeable social and financial growth.

Why trainings for a successful life lie

To begin with, there are no universal secrets of success. 99% of participants in such trainings are people who actually avoid success. It is not profitable for them to become successful, but to recharge themselves with positive emotions and communicate with like-minded people is the most pleasant pleasure. The training is over, the participants exchange mobile phone numbers, almost native and such inspired, are sure that now their life will exactly change and everything that has been conceived will come true. In such a false euphoria, they will bathe for a few more days, and then fall into their habitual state with a crash. Why is this happening?

The first reason – at the trainings they do not learn to take responsibility for their own lives

Why not teach? Because very few people who want to take responsibility – it is much more attractive to transfer this responsibility to the phase of the moon and a long skirt to the floor, so that the female energy is more. One-day training (so often called questionable lectures with several exercises in mini-groups) inspire the belief that everything can be decided, and it is important only to observe certain rituals, positively tune in and dream according to certain rules. For example, if the pictures of the desired future in the head are dull, then the dream will not come true.

The second reason is the secondary benefit

To consider yourself a loser is very beneficial because you do not need to work on changes in yourself. But, as we know, there is always an executioner for every victim. At the trainings, they forget to tell about this. Forget or do not want. Accumulate an unreasonable belief in limitless possibilities and do not specify how much you need to work in order for the changes to happen – the motto of many pseudo-trainers.

The third reason is unskilled trainers

The information flow is accelerating with every hour. The desire of a more or less modern and active person to save temporary reserves is justified. Using this feature, many are doing a good business. Candidates of technical sciences suddenly become experts in matters of personality development psychology, repeatedly divorced and hysterical women conduct trainings for girls who want to get married successfully, etc.

It is enough to read a couple of books, attend training and start your own business – to teach others how to become successful and happy. This is a very important point and before paying for participation in such trainings, do not be too lazy to collect as much information about the trainer, study the reviews. Sometimes psychology can be dangerous to your health!

The fourth reason is the instant result

Beliefs, habits, behavior patterns will change in just 8 hours. This is a real miracle, right? So it is, only with one amendment – not after 8 hours, but at least after 8 months and provided that you work daily on these changes.

The fifth reason is the lack of an integrated approach and logic

On the “magic trainings”, let’s call them so, you will be told only what you want to hear and no one will share with you the truth, which most often sounds very unattractive. Provided with motivating facts from the autobiography of millionaires, then accidentally draw a parallel with the ability to plan your day, after that you will learn to meditate and enter a special state of consciousness (if you are lucky, the vision will visit you and the whole group will enthusiastically gasp and envy your success). You will feel special, because all the secrets of the universe at you as in the palm of your hand. You have become wiser and love people and yourself, and feel a connection with the whole world.

But the day will pass and the second and your fellow’s socks scattered all over the apartment will again enrage you, and this stupid saleswoman again spoiled your day.

Any qualitative changes in life directly depend on your willingness to take responsibility for them, to be disciplined, to understand exactly why you need all this, to sincerely want and every day to take actions to implement what was conceived. Be happy and start working on this right now.

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