The Healing Power of Cats Really Work

The Healing Power of Cats Really WorkSurely, many people noticed that when we get sick or feel unwell, a cat comes to us and fits nearby, trying to get closer to the sore spot. After some time, the pain subsides and relief comes. Is this due to the presence of an animal or just a coincidence?

It turns out that pets can really be great healers.

Many foreign clinics have been practicing animal therapy for a long time: in Scotland, the owners, along with their pets, participate in various medical procedures, in England, some breeds of cats are sold in pharmacies, and in America, some clinics include dogs. Hippoterium (treatment with horses) has long been practiced for the treatment of cerebral palsy, and dolphins are known as healers of the nervous system.

The choice of animal for animal therapy depends on the capabilities and affections of the person. The easiest way to get a cat that does not implore her healing abilities. No wonder the ancient Egyptians attributed it to the divine beings.

American scientists conducted a study in the course of which they found out that a cat is capable of treating certain diseases, strengthening bones and healing wounds. Cat’s saliva is an excellent regenerating and anti-inflammatory agent. It contains lysozyme, due to which wounds heal faster and disinfect. So do not push away your pet when he licks your wound – he provides assistance.

Felinotherapy (cat therapy) is very similar to ultrasound treatment. It is known that the impact sound of 20-50 Hz (the same sound range at the purr) strengthens the bones and contributes to their growth. Experts have long been studying this amazing animal and concluded that no one knows the body of its owner better than a cat. She not only, as an indicator of energy, subtly feels all the changes that are happening to you, but she herself creates electromagnetic radiation. Most scientists recognized her as an excellent diagnostician and healer.

In the house where the rumbling creature lives, household members improve their general state of health, pressure stabilizes, headaches disappear, depression disappears. This creature is much more complicated and mysterious than we imagine. She feels energy, behavior, emotions and a lot of things that we don’t guess. A cat can not only influence the human biofield, but also “align” the energy in the room where it is located.

She tries to spend more time with the diseased host, and often sleeps with him in order to have an impact on the problem organs. It happens that the burden of disease is too heavy for such a small creature, then it may even be ready to die, but do everything in its power to cure the host.

You can do feline therapy while playing with your pet, while feeding it or just when it is sitting on your lap. Just do not force the animal, it is better to wait, when he again has a desire to “treat”. Cats possess many medical skills: “massage by paws”, “acupuncture by claws”, “warming up” when they are laid on the diseased area, “ultrasound treatment”.

Communicate more often with your pet, stroke and caress him – this is a good prevention of many diseases. Friendship with a fluffy soft ball will strengthen your immune system and nervous system.

Picture Credit: ElizabethLi

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