True facts related to belly fats

True facts related to belly fatsEven people with flat abs have belly fats and it’s a normal thing. However, too much of anything is not good and it’s the same with belly fats for its bad for health. Some fats are stored underneath the skin and deep inside near liver, heart and lungs. This is known as visceral fat which may also pose a threat for slim people and those on weight loss diet.

Visceral fats in certain amount are required to cushion over the organs. Too much of this can lead to diabetes, blood pressure, breast cancer, colon cancer, dementia and heart disease. Medicine school professor Hairston points out how these fats as active substances within the body create nasty things. When the body starts gaining weight, these are stored at unusual regions. Medicine professor Shively believes that with rising obesity, usual areas of people are full with fats and it is deposited around heart and other organs.

MRI and CT scan is the best possible way of checking visceral fat. Those aiming for weight loss can also use measuring tape which is both simple and cost effective. One can wrap this around waist at the belly button to check girth. To maintain a healthy heart, it is significant for women to have not over 35 inches waist and 40 inches for men. Pear shaped body with large thighs and hips are fat better compared to wider waistline.

Even slim people have visceral fat which to some extent depend on genes and lifestyle choices. There are four simple steps towards weight loss and controlling visceral fats. These are diet, sleep, exercise and stress control. High intensity workout helps in shedding the fats including the visceral fats. Regular 30 minutes of simple exercise for five days per week is good. Walking is also good for weight loss to the extent it’s fast enough to work up sweat and makes breathing harder upping the heart rate.

Walking or jogging for just 20 minutes during four days per week is enough. Moderate activity leading to increase in heart rate thrice a week can slow down visceral fat gain. According to expert Hairston, walking, gardening, playing football with kids and Zumba are a good alternative to gym. There is no easy to weight loss or belly fats loss diet as such. As per a research outcome, people eating 10 grams soluble fiber each day grows lesser amount of visceral fats compared to others. It is fairly equivalent to having two apples, one cup green peas and half cup pinto beans.

Switching to fiber rich bread also helps in maintaining weight. Getting a good amount of sleep is very important. People sleeping for 6-7 hours gained lesser visceral fats compared to the ones having five or lesser hours of sleep. Although sleep is not the only part, it was nonetheless a crucial factor. Stress management is also necessary to get rid of belly fat. Meditation, relaxation with friends, exercising and proper advice is likely to help in more ways than one.

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