Vaporizing: Let’s try Frankincense!

1280px-Boswellia_sacra[1]Frankincense oil has been proven to reduce anxiety, depression, muscular deterioration, and a sleuth of arthritis related symptoms. Frankincense is effective at treating or reducing many common mental health challenges thanks to its sesquiterpenes chemical compound. Sesquiterpenes have been scientifically proven to increase oxygen in the pituitary glands and the pineal glands of the human-brain. This is quite useful, as it stimulates the mind in a healthy way, and can even be effective at minimizing mood-swings. Included in this are also women who are pre-menopause or those whom have already experienced menopause as it acts directly on growth and other critical hormones through this process.

Frankincense is available in a variety of forms, most popularly oil. However, it’s worth noted that ensuring the oil-is pure is critical, as those in which are labeled as a “perfume” often have little to no concentration of Frankincense base compounds and in turn do not allow much consumption of sesquiterpenes. It is most ideal to use a non-scented carrier oil for consumption, and oral-consumption should be limited as high levels could prove toxic. Children under 6 also should stray away from the consumption of such a natural oil or holistic approach – as it can prove fatal.

For those whom suffer from muscle pain, rips, or strains Frankincense has also been proven effective as a topical-ointment, which reduces pains and strains. Massaging the oils into your skin, like many common creams or steroid creams such as Cortisone – is an optimal form of application.

Best of all, vaporizing Frankincense is not unheard of, and is actually quite popular. The inhalation of pure – cut with non-scented oils – also contributes positively to the sustainment and continued development of naturally occurred anti-bodies.

Those whom use Frankincense will benefit from the usage of its anti-inflammatory chemical properties in treating conditions such as Bursitis, Tendonitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and even Osteoarthritis. This is thanks to Frankincense having boswellic acidic properties which have been proven to sustain and improve blood circulation, in turn combatting many common illnesses or ailments.

In addition to positive mental health or neurological effects of Frankincense, it’s also been scientifically demonstrated to be effective at reducing symptoms of muscle pain related to chronic joint injuries, IBS, and even asthma. Many of these key inflammatory properties are also believed responsible for improving mental health and addressing stress, anxiety, thanks to its acidic compounds.

Other than inhaling via vaporizing, Frankincense should be cut with jojoba or almond oil, as mentioned above, and avoid being mixed with perfume or scented-oils, which can take away from the benefits of its chemical properties and acidic value.

If vaporizing Frankincense isn’t for you, lighting a candle with the chemical, as well as applying it in its oil form on a towel before massaging trouble areas has also been shown to be comparably effective.

As with any medicinal or holistic approach, discretion is necessary. Always consult with a professional, licensed medical physician before attempting use Frankincense in these ways, as some may experience negative side-effects or paradoxical experiences.

Image credit: Boswellia sacra (Wikipedia)

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