5 Happiness Lessons We Can All Learn From Dogs

5 Happiness Lessons We Can All Learn From DogsImage credit: jools_sh

Meet at the doorstep, cheer up in a difficult moment, wake up barking barking, rush with us race … Dogs are happy with us near. Psychologist John Moore believes – our pets will tell us what happiness is, if we carefully observe them

Dogs are created for happiness. There is something in them that makes them wag their tail, try to lick us in the nose, look into our eyes and say “I love you” in many other ways – no matter what happens in the world.

Let’s think about it. How happy are we when we wake up in the morning? Probably not very. But the dogs – quite the contrary. They rush around the house and have fun, as if they consist of continuous joy. So what is happiness – for them and for us? And what can dogs teach us? Here are 5 secrets of happiness that we can discover by watching our pets.

1. Gratitude


Image credit: henriethaan

Dogs live one moment. They do not think about what the weather is outside and what will happen when it gets colder. And about what happiness is, too, do not think. They just know they’ve woken up and see us. And from this they are happy. From the dog’s point of view, gratitude is a sufficient reason for happiness.

2. Movement
Morning walk is another reason for sincere enthusiasm. Of course, dogs need to raise their paws, but this is not the main thing. They enjoy running, movement, freedom. Charge in the fresh air is a known way to cheer up. Maybe we should try?

3. Consent with yourself
The dog does not find in front of the mirror for reflections, how to become more beautiful. They completely accept themselves and are happy. And now they are jumping around us to show: they are ready to go with us to the end of the world! And they do not give a damn what they look like.

Consent with yourself

Image credit:  8777334

4. Curiosity
Dogs are constantly exploring the world around them and will never miss the chance to sniff every corner, even if they have already visited this place a thousand times. They tirelessly look for something new. It is interesting that if we were also always ready to be surprised and just constantly looking around for something new? Maybe we would have guessed what happiness is?

5. Communication

Dogs never lock themselves up alone. They know how important it is to communicate with everyone around: with us and members of our family, with other dogs, with passers-by. Usually the dog tries to take a place closer to the person – and it is best to perch on it. The dog is sad and can even stop eating when unable to communicate. Here, too, there is much to learn!


Image credit:  AlexanderVlasov

If one of the goals of human life is to become happier, it is worth watching the dogs. These amazing creatures seem to have a special program of happiness. They not only help to cheer up when we are sad. What we learn by looking at them can make us a little happier every day.

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