The Best Medicine Is A Dog

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Many families breed dogs, often with the goal of providing greater security in the home or simply out of love for the lesser brothers. And have you ever thought that our four-legged friends are also good doctors? Let’s see what kind of health benefits dogs can bring.
Dogs against depression
Why appreciate a dog? First of all, for her devotion. She loves her master simply for what he is, regardless of his material wealth, social status, appearance. It is this fidelity and unconditional love that create for the person a world in which he is comfortable and in which he is not alone.

Thanks to dogs, people feel that someone needs them, someone admires them and loves them. It is an effective remedy for depression.

This is especially important for the elderly. It is not for nothing that abroad in nursing homes contain dogs that help people compensate for some age-related manifestations.

older people get dogs at home

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If older people get dogs at home, they have to go out more often, go to the store to buy food. Often, caring for a quadruped pet becomes the meaning of the life of an elderly person. In addition, dogs help their masters to expand the circle of friends and acquaintances. Of course, such a tool helps mainly those who love dogs since childhood.

A group of scientists from the United States studied the impact of communication between people and dogs on depression. The study involved 6 thousand people. It turned out that four-legged friends reduce the probability of depression by 60-70%. Also, dogs help to recover after a long treatment. The appearance in the hospital of a beloved dog brings even more emotion than communication with relatives.

Dogs from mental disorders

According to American scientists, dogs can significantly improve the condition of children with autism. They seem to return from another world into the real world.

In people with disabilities or suffering from psychological diseases, self-esteem rises, the state of loneliness disappears, and a belief in solving internal problems appears.

It is not uncommon for four-legged pets to save their masters from possible suicide. No matter how gloomy the internal state was, the look of the pet loaded them with positive energy, brought them back to life.

Facts about the benefits of seals

James Serpell of the group of animal studies at Cambridge University holds the view that pets tend to radiate kindness and support, which lacks relationships between people.

In some countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, dogs help patients with epilepsy. No one can explain how the tailed brothers less feel the approach of the attack of the illness, but they do it perfectly.

When the consciousness of the patient is disconnected, they substitute their body: thus, they absorb shock when seizures of those for whom they took “responsibility”. In addition, in case of accidents, dogs can call for help, referring to other people.

Dogs for children

Animals can be excellent teachers for children. Even toddlers learn to observe, draw conclusions, to foresee consequences. This can be understood by observing the communication of the child with the dog. Without saying anything, they understand each other and are friendly.

Dogs for children

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Dogs teach children kindness and responsiveness. They can raise a respectful attitude towards others in the child.

In adolescents, a tailed friend reduces manifestations of aggression, develops a sense of responsibility, tolerance, kindness, independence. It is a faithful, understanding companion.

In addition, dogs expand their horizons. Children learn the features of animal nutrition, their behavior, understand the need to take care of loved ones.

And besides, it is important that dogs fulfill the duties of guards. Even small dogs can scare off their thieves, attract the attention of household members. With such a friend it is less dangerous to leave children alone in the apartment.

Dogs for heart and immunity

Dog lovers suffer less from hypertension. It is believed that by creating contact with the pet, stroking it on the wool, a person improves the indices of palpitation, breathing, and pressure. In addition, the dog’s saliva contains enzyme lysozyme, which destroys pathogens.

Studies have shown that those who keep dogs in the house, lower the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Some dog owners claim that to improve their well-being, they just need to have a tail tail close.

Suffering heart disease or easily excitable people are advised to start quiet pets. Scientific studies in Canada and Australia have shown that dog owners are less likely to turn to doctors, rarely use medicines.

Scientists from the universities of Finland and Germany have established that children in contact with dogs are 50% less likely to suffer from eczema, dermatitis, asthma.

Some pregnant women admitted that dogs in the house helped them to tolerate toxicosis more easily. This can be explained by the fact that the pet distracted himself from the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy.

A few words about dog hair. Warm mittens made of such wool are well protected against frost, and belts and scarves help in the treatment of sciatica.

Large dogs can give great help

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Healing rocks

A good soothing effect is possessed by such breeds of dogs as labrador and shar pei. For children are good collie, risen schnauzer, boxer, Airedale, St. Bernard, Newfoundland.

Large dogs can give great help. Large dogs have high cardiac alpha-rhythm activity. And if you put your hand every day in the area of ​​his heart, then the dog will become for you a kind of “pacemaker”. US scientists have revealed that the highest percentage of survival after a heart attack in pet lovers. Observations during the year after the attack showed that the health of such people recovered better than the rest.

The superiority of the healing effect belongs to the Chinese crested dog. On her body there is no hair, and the body has a high temperature. It is believed that high degrees help in the treatment of radiculitis, skin diseases, joint diseases.

Dogs for the preservation of the family

Observations in the United States for married couples showed that those who kept dogs could easily pass through turmoil and resolve conflicts more quickly than “courageous” couples. One of the explanations for this phenomenon is that pets rally the family, create common interests.

Dogs for sports

Having a dog, willy-nilly forced to walk it every day, and in any weather. And this is a good sport. Some pets have an energetic character, forcing their owners to walk fast or even to run. By the way, every day the owner and dog go through great distances. Agree, without a dog it’s hard to get yourself to walk. Dogs play a role as an alarm clock, forcing the family to wake up, and the simulator.

Dogs for sports

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The owners of dogs spend from 5 to 7 hours a week on traffic. Engaged in fitness – from 2 to 3.5 hours.

It turns out that dogs, helping their owners to engage in physical education, hinder the development of obesity, reduce the possibility of cardiovascular diseases, myocardial infarction, prolong life.

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