How to Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions

How to Fulfill Your New Year's ResolutionsImage credit:  theglassdesk

The second half of December is always a summary of the past year, and, of course, the planning of the next. But it is one thing to plan and write down 10, 20 … 100 tasks / plans for the coming year in the list, and another thing is to fulfill them. If you are faced with the fact that not all of your wishes or plans come true, then you have wrongly planned them.

Do you have enough time

You can not embrace the immensity. If you have a vacation for only two weeks, and you have planned a week at sea, and two weeks traveling to a distant country, and winter holidays in the mountains, you can surely delete all the points of your plan, because they will simply have no time to do it! Therefore, before drawing up a list of plans for the new year, analyze your life and think about how much free time you have in a week, a month, a quarter, a year.

Why it is necessary to make a similar division? For example, you want to go to the pool in the evenings. But after analyzing your week, you see that you already have busy at 3 pm, you go to the gym, and on Fridays you always meet with friends. Swimming in the evenings on weekdays you just will not work, so you need to look for this lesson another time

Do you really want this?

We create our own lives and in it, really those things appear and the plans that we really need are being accomplished. For example, all your friends go to Malibu and surf. You like surfing is interesting, although in fact, you are more like a snowboard. Despite this, you are planning one such trip with your friends in the new year. When it’s time to make it, you either refuse it, because the snowboard still wins or goes to it and is not quite interesting for yourself to spend time. Is this really what you need?

Separate large / serious tasks into several

What are we talking about here? For example, one of the items in your plan for the next year is to lose 5 pounds. If this item is left in this form, then it is unlikely that this wish will come true. Lose weight by a few pounds is not the task of one day or even one month. To make this plan come true, it must be divided into several small ones. For example: find a fitness center next to home or work, reconsider your eating habits, consult with a nutritionist, buy cosmetics from stretch marks, make an appointment for a massage and so on.

Thus, you step by step follow each of the items in the plan and ultimately achieve your goal. The same applies to such plans as buying a car or an apartment, mastering a new profession or switching to a new job, acquiring any skills (not only be able to embroider, but step by step – buy fabric, buy threads) and so on.

Specify your plan

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Specify your plan

Do not just write “be healthy“, but pay attention to nutrition and sports, not just “get rich”, but find new ways of earning, improve your skills and so on

In order for everything planned to come true, you need to understand why you need to implement all the items in the plan. Why should you lose weight by 5 pounds? You certainly will not lose weight just to see on the scales another figure, but for …. Answer for what. And the salary twice as much you want to receive is not easy, so that the card had more money, and in order to buy something.

In other words, for each point of the plan justify / understand for yourself why you really need it. What is your ultimate goal.

Do not plan too much

There are a lot of articles on the Internet about how many points of the plan should be planned, how many wishes to make, in which spheres of life it is worth planning more than in others and so on. If you looked at the previous year, you realized that you did not fulfill 10% of the planned one, then for the new year, write the plan 10 times less. It is better to let the items be smaller, but you will do them all. And you can always add new ones in six months.

Let’s remind, the Yellow Earthen Dog is a symbol of the coming 2018. Success in 2018 depends on the people who surround you, so it’s worth concentrating on new acquaintances and family, then it will be easier to survive any hardships.

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