6 Easy Ways to Cheer Up If You’re Tired

6 Easy Ways to Cheer Up If You're Tired

Maintaining high productivity while working from home amid coronavirus pandemic is extremely difficult. Even on remote work in conditions of self-isolation. In order not to “fall apart” completely, it’s worth taking breaks for rest. We tell you how to quickly and efficiently freshen up.

1. Ventilate the room more often

Sitting in a stuffy apartment is a bad idea. For productive work, our brain needs oxygen. Therefore, staying at home, do not forget to ventilate the rooms. Fresh air not only invigorates but also helps to avoid headaches during hours of work in a confined space.

If you are afraid of drafts, open the window when leaving the room. For example, while you wash and brush your teeth or cook dinner. Well, when the weather is warm, do not be lazy to go to the balcony: open the windows, take a cup of coffee or your favorite book with you. On vacation, such rituals add romance and delight. So why not repeat them at home while there is time.

2. Drink water with lemon and mint

It would seem that nothing invigorates better than coffee. But cup after cup all day – it’s just too much. But water with lemon and mint can be drunk as much as you want without fear.

The recipe is simple. Put a few sprigs of mint in a jug and mash them well with a spoon so that the leaves give juice. You will hardly see it, but you will definitely feel the difference in the richness of taste. Add a few slices of lemon and also squeeze the juice out of them. Pour clean water and let it brew a little. If desired, grated ginger and ice cubes can be thrown into the jug.

3. Wash or use a refreshing facial spray

Taking an invigorating shower several times during the day is unlikely to work, even if you work from home. But rinse your face with cool water or use a refreshing spray – completely. Take care to moisturize your skin – do not neglect cream after washing. And when buying a spray, pay attention to the composition: the more natural components in it, the better. It’s good if the smell is subtle. Believe me, you will hate the remedy if your head breaks from its aroma. And do not forget to test for any allergic reaction before the first use, applying a little spray on the inside of the hand just above the wrist.

4. Have a light and healthy snack

Lunch and afternoon snacks are ideal breaks to ventilate the room, allow your eyes to rest from the monitor, and replenish strength. For a snack, choose nutritious and healthy foods – fruits or yogurt. The trips to the store in conditions of self-isolation were significantly reduced, so make sure that the right food is always in the refrigerator, but do not forget to check the expiration dates and observe the storage conditions. By the way, if you mix fermented milk products with honey, nuts, or dried fruits, you are not threatened by any uniformity or satiety.

5. Buy a humidifier

Air conditioners, heaters, and batteries give us a comfortable temperature, but at the same time dry the air. This negatively affects both the respiratory system and the skin. A humidifier will help correct the situation.

By the principle of operation, they are cold type, steam, and ultrasonic. Some models provide options for aromatization, ionization or ozonation of air. By placement, the devices are divided into floor, table and wall. Find the one that suits your needs.

6. Change tasks

In between difficult tasks, let the brain rest. It is best to briefly switch to another type of activity. Take five minutes for the sudoku or crossword puzzle. And if you are currently learning a foreign language, use the break to repeat the words or rules for the next lesson. Such pauses will bring double benefits. You will unload the brain and exercise your memory – maximum efficiency.

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