Commonplace Things That Ruin Your Skin

Things That Ruin Your SkinEveryone wants to have healthy skin and a fresh complexion. Excessive dryness, peeling, inflammation, pimples, red, brown spots can spoil the overall impression of an artfully created image. Nobody wants to lose charm, so do not let the impact on the exterior of the main factors that are harmful to the skin. What should be avoided for women who want to maintain a pleasant complexion and beauty until old age?

The main opponent of beautiful skin is stress

Without stressful situations, modern realities are difficult to imagine. Constant haste, conflicts in everyday life, at work – everyone in life can have circumstances that can bring to a neurosis, depression. The physiological response to stress is expressed, including in the compression of blood vessels that deliver blood to the skin to saturate it with nutrients and oxygen.

Naturally, with a reduction in the supply of necessary elements, the organs and systems of the body experience oxygen starvation, lose protective functions. Bacteria attack the body, the weakened skin resists not at full strength. As a result, there are dermatological defects, diseases, acne, and because of the decrease in muscle tone – early wrinkles.

It is impossible to completely isolate oneself from the surrounding negative. If there is a period when stresses go one after another, you need to think over protective measures and ways of relaxation. Help sedatives on a natural basis, for example, valerian, motherwort, preparations from St. John’s Wort. And relaxing procedures are mandatory. They are selected individually: color and aromatherapy, massage, electrosleep, warm fragrant bath, contemplation of peaceful landscapes. The soothing effect leads to relaxation of the muscle tissue, the skin is smoothed and restored.

Sleep Disorders

Difficulties with falling asleep, interrupting night sleep lead to the fact that neither the body nor the brain rest after a busy day. Fatigue accumulates and first of all it reflects on the skin. Muscles lose tone, the complexion becomes pale, wrinkles appear. It is impossible to allow wakefulness in the hours of night rest to become frequent. In order to sleep was strong, you can take certain measures – in the evening to walk away from the gassed places, breathe fresh air, drink a cup of tea with melissa or brew a soothing collection of herbs from the pharmacy. In the evening, exclude all events that irritate the nervous system – unpleasant communication, watching programs about criminals, thrillers, sitting at the computer late, overeating.

Insomnia can be a symptom of various diseases, hormonal changes. If self-administered actions do not work, you need to see a doctor. Treatment will help to solve the underlying problem and return the skin a healthy appearance.

Bad habits

It has long been proven that bad habits very much damage the appearance of a woman.
Tobacco smoking has a negative effect on blood circulation, as the blood vessels narrow. The skin lacks oxygen and loses an attractive appearance. In addition, harmful substances that are part of cigarette smoke, settle on the face and adversely affect the skin: promote the death of cells, disrupt the lipid balance, reduce protective functions. Regeneration of tissues slows down, wrinkles appear, at first – mimic. Under the influence of nicotine premature aging of the skin occurs, the complexion deteriorates.

To bad habits to concern and frequent use of alcoholic drinks. They have a harmful effect on the body and skin condition in particular. With regular libations, the pores on the face expand. The skin looks loose, pasty, inflamed, quickly fading.

But bad habits are not just alcohol and cigarettes. These include frequent use of improper food (fast food, sweets), non-compliance with the regime of the day, passivity. All this has a negative impact on female beauty and attractiveness.

Unbalanced nutrition and external factors

Those women who want to remain young and beautiful for as long as possible are encouraged to eat properly. Flour and sweet must be eaten in small quantities. Excessive consumption of carbohydrates and fats activates the functioning of the sebaceous glands, leads to the appearance of acne. At fans of sweets the skin in due course starts to shine and inflame. With a balanced diet, the daily diet should include all groups of vitamins, minerals, minerals. Then the skin will look fresh, shining health. And for sufficient moisture, one should not forget about a daily intake of 1.5-2 liters of clean water, among other beverages.

Man is able to influence the phenomena that depend on him. To have beautiful skin, it is enough to put in order health, nervous system, to abandon bad habits and to provide appearance with proper care. It is more difficult when a person is exposed to unfavorable environmental influences.

Bad ecology in the place of residence or work adversely affects the body, the skin. But only if you do not make additional efforts to strengthen immunity. In an unfavorable climate, the skin acquires an unhealthy appearance, loses its elasticity and grows old ahead of time. The reason lies in the complex poisoning of the body with harmful substances from the outside and inside. Periodic intake of vitamin complexes, recreation outside the city in the fresh air, sea coast – in such conditions, the quality of life and health should be given increased attention.

The sun’s rays directed at the face, not protected by a cream, provoke dryness, an ecdysis, formation of pigmentary stains. On oily skin, acne can appear. Do not neglect protective creams, especially when relaxing in the southern regions.

Cold weather. From frost, the vessels narrow, and at very low temperatures frostbite of the exposed skin is possible. In winter, you can not use moisturizers before going out. It is better to purchase loose powder, corresponding to the type of skin. The smallest air bubbles in the powder form a thin layer on the face, which will soften the hard influence of the cold.
Thus, you can see that to maintain the beauty of the skin need a good sleep, proper nutrition, the rejection of bad habits and the proper protection from external factors. Observance of these recommendations will help any woman to stay young and beautiful for a long time.

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