Ways To Stop Your Social Media Addiction

Ways To Stop Your Social Media AddictionModern life is such that only a few people do not have a profile in one or more social networks. There are narrow social networks – for doctors, programmers, webmasters, lawyers, educators. Do you need social networks? Here are just some examples of the positive impact of social networks in our lives:

  • social networks help us to exchange information, experience, communicate with friends, like-minded people who are hundreds of thousands of miles away from us, and always be aware of everything that happens in their lives;
  • they allow you to quickly find out about new vacancies, as many companies place them on their page, and even get a job if you strive for it;
  • thanks to social networks, a lot of people have found new friends, and some – their soul mate;
  • help to travel, saving money on booking travel and accommodation;
  • it is social networks that help many talented young people to gain popularity, gain support, recognition from completely foreign people;
  • for someone social networks have become a source of earnings, they also help the needy to raise money for treatment;
  • sotsseti nowadays provide assistance to law enforcement officers: very often there are notes in the press that the police (police) managed to find some escaped person by correspondence in social networks.

Dependence sneaks imperceptibly

Signs of dependence on social networks:

  • an intrusive insurmountable desire to go to your page in the social network, view the latest news, take pictures, show some kind of activity;
  • complaints of family members, friends, employees about the fact that a person spends too much time in social networks;
  • significant financial expenses, unnecessary purchases via the Internet;
    the impossibility of telling in advance how long this person will spend on the social network, the loss of temporary control during a computer session;
  • a feeling of irritation, if at the moment it is not possible to enter into your profile (there is no wi-fi in this zone, it is urgent to perform some kind of task);
  • As dependency progresses, there may be problems with learning, in the family, at work, when a person ceases to pay due attention to them, and more and more time spends online;
  • a person can refuse food or have a computer monitor, give less time to sleep, just do not miss anything new.

Can help get rid of dependency relatives, friends, professional psychologists.

How to win your dependence on social networks and learn how to control your time on the Internet? For this, you need some strength of will and desire.

Before you begin to struggle with your dependence on social networks, keep track of how much time you actually spend on the phone.

In the settings of your smartphone there is a statistic about how much time you spend on the Internet. When you see the statistics, you’ll surely be very surprised when you understand that in Instagram, for example, you spend a couple of hours and a little more on facebook.

After all, the realization of the problem is already the beginning of the decision. Also, think about why you grab your phone at every opportunity? Are you awkward? Bored?

Think about it and maybe in the future you will not want to take up the smartphone constantly.

Also, do not forget about the timer on the phone – whenever you want to open social networks – put a timer. For example, 20 minutes. After he rings, get out of social networks and live a real life.

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