Why you should you get a pet for your kids: Pros and Cons

Why you should you get a pet for your kids: Pros and Cons  Image credit: kisistvan77

Pets are a great way to teach the child responsibility for others. But remember, this is a living being and you need to take all risks into account before giving it a home.

Contrary to stereotypes, most stray dogs were not born on the streets. Most were here when they did not need the owners. In order not to condemn a former friend to a hungry and cold life, it’s better to take responsibility responsibly to the child’s “I want a dog” so that the pet is not a burden and teach the child responsibility.

Readiness test
A dog is not only a best friend, it takes a long time. For example, walking it will need to be at least 2 times a day, in any weather, and even in the mornings.

Before you have a dog, give the child an experiment for a month: for example, get up every morning for a run. If the third day becomes lazy, most likely, and walk with the dog will be mother.

We need to talk with the child not only about walking, but about other obligations: the dog needs to be washed, to pay attention to it, to treat, to train.

Is the child ready for this? Perhaps he has not yet weighed all the pros and cons, and if he clarify this. And it’s better to invite someone who already has a dog for conversation, this will help him make the right choice.

Choosing an Animal
Perhaps the child just needs a pet, and a dog – the first thing that came to his mind. Ask if it’s better to start with a hamster or a guinea pig.

Show me what kind of pets are, about the habits of each of them and care. You can go to the pet store together. So the child will be easier to decide.

Selection of breed
Different breeds have different characteristics and characters, for example, the popular breed jack russell terrier requires an incredible amount of attention and can distract a child from lessons or be sad alone in the most.

It is best to choose a breed by temperament, or even better – go to the shelter of stray dogs and choose the one that will attract. After all, friends do not buy.

Choosing an Animal

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Care instructions
Help the child with the care of the animal, but do not take care of yourself. The process of caring for a friend is interesting and exciting, but only when you know exactly what you are doing and see that it brings pleasure to the pet.

Psychology of animals
It should immediately explain to the child that the dog is a member of the family, and not a toy. She has the right to be sad, want to be alone, bark, interfere. Only when the child begins to perceive his dog, as a separate person and friend, will a strong relationship for the rest of the dog’s life.

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