The Best Drinks to Keep You Cool in a Heat Wave

The Best Drinks to Keep You Cool in a Heat Wave

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The summer has come, as the sun always pours its rays, everyone thirsty thirst. How much you drink in such a weather will not be easier. Yes, one water can not do. At the very moment remember the recipes of soft drinks, which have the savory properties to satisfy thirst in such a heat.

A traditional thirsty green tea

This beverage is considered to be the most good thirst quencher because it has tannins that slow down the process of absorbing fluid from the intestine. The effect is achieved when using cold tea with the addition of a pinch of salt.

Cold tea with the addition of mint will refresh and quench thirst.

We will need to rub a mixture of 200 grams of sugar, juice of one (1) lemon and one (1) lime, and four (4) fresh mint leaves in a special container with a wooden pesto or spoon. Then fill the honey with boiling water and let it stand for about five minutes. Having tried and cooled the drink, we can enjoy excellent refreshing taste. Before using, add ice cubes.

To prepare a thirsty tea with honey, we need to brew green tea as we usually do. Ready-made tea, let’s drink and add in it two (2) teaspoons of honey, calculated on 200 ml of water. Throw in the hot drink three slices of lemon, and in the finished tea – about ten cubes of ice.

Refreshing drink of red color – Hibiscus tea

In the composition of tea, the peri-colored hibiscus. Red tea is the most popular in northern Africa, and we have been in high demand recently. Tea does not just quench thirst, it fills our body with all necessary vitamin C, cleans it from the slags, protects against the action of toxins, and it will definitely improve metabolism.

It is not difficult to cook this tea. But expecting it to be ready is eight hours. Fill with cold water the amount of petals required for the medium strength of the tea, then place the tea vessel in the fridge and do your favorite thing. If you pour petals overnight, then the drink will be ready in the morning.

Morse is a source of coolness and health

Fresh mollusks are made from cranberries, cranberries, red currants, blackberries, raspberries and even cherry trees. Take the juice of these berries, dilute with water, add a little sugar and enjoy the cool. You get an uneasy thirst for a drink, your body receives a portion of useful vitamins.

We cook cranberry mozz. For this glass of cranberries, we will overeat with a quarter glass of sugar, as we did with mint, and a gall of liter hot, but not boiling water. Add a sprig of thyme. Then drink a drink at least 11-12 hours. Let’s go through. The resulting amount of mozzard will provide four servings of the beverage.

Morse orange

Morse orange

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Enough of four mature oranges. On a hand juicer squeeze out the juice. After the reflux, fill the flask with three (3) liters of water. Then add two (2) glass of sugar, an orange peel, and finally, a hammer cinnamon – a little pinch.

The liquid will be needed to cook on a small fire for 10 minutes, after which we will leave it for 30 minutes to insist and finish the fresh juice there. After the cold in the refrigerator.

Milk banana cocktail with strawberries

We mix finely chopped fruits – one (1) banana and strawberries – with ice and ice cream. Then you need to whip this fruit salad in a blender. The resulting mixture can be poured into high cocktail glasses and decorated with an ice cream ball.

Refreshing freshly squeezed juices

You will see how, by the way, one glass of freshly squeezed juice can turn out to be. The freshness gives these juices and cocktails an appealing quality. You are given an excellent opportunity to experiment, prepare different drinks, which, besides the benefits, will bring you pleasure. And notice that for this you will not need a lot of time and financial expenses.

Use the suggested recipes to cheer up:

“Summer noon”

You will need a small pineapple, half a ripe melon, a large apple and two (2) oranges. Such a cocktail is full of vitamin C, which will definitely strengthen immunity and protect against colds.


Take three (3) peaches, a medium-sized bunch of grapes, preferably green, and two (2) carrots. Having passed these ingredients through the juicer, we will get a sweet yellow-orange juice of a pleasant color, which will satisfy thirst, enrich your body with beta-carotene.

Fruit Cocktail

Take four (4) medium-sized apricots, half melon, large apple and orange. We skip fruit through a juicer, stir and get a drink that does not require any further processing. If the fruits were not in the fridge, add a few cubes of ice.

Apple juice is familiar to us since our childhood. This is a drink that contains a few calories, but a lot of iron, effective in anemia and cardiovascular problems. A glass of apple juice a day will help keep your breathing in tone, including the upper respiratory tract and the lungs.

Beloved all lemonade

Since childhood, a familiar drink – lemonade, is considered a refreshing drink in the hottest weather. Lemonade can be bought in stores. But how to cook it yourself?

Pour sugar syrup into boiling water and add the grated lemon zest. When it cools down, strain, pour lemon juice. Ready-made lemonade will last for several days if stored in a refrigerator.

Ginger lemonade – a recipe for cooking

In 3-4 liters of water add the ginger root (15 pieces), sugar (3 glasses), which dissolves by heating under low heat. Then remove from the fire and add one (1) liter of lemon juice. After 15 minutes we remove ginger from the drink. Put the resulting lemonade in the refrigerator for a short while. You can decorate with lemon mugs before use.

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