Benefits of Jumping Rope

Benefits of Jumping RopeIn order to lose weight in the region of the hips and abdomen, jumping rope is very often used. Most people manage to get rid of it very quickly thanks to it. This unit is very easy to use and is available in any location convenient for you.

The main advantages of losing weight thanks to the jumping rope

It happens that people do not have enough time to go to gyms and in this case it is home cardio workouts that will become an ideal option. With her help, you will not only lose weight, but also get rid of the visible manifestations of hated cellulite.

According to cardiologists, the exercise with a jumping rope is a worthy substitute for a standard cardiovascular device. With her help will train both your heart and your blood vessels. You can also regulate the severity of the loads – from elementary to strong. It is for this reason that jumping is an obligatory element in athletes’ programs.

  • You do not need several times a week to look for a couple of hours of free time to attend fitness.
  • Time for training you choose yourself. And this will not affect the effectiveness of the exercise – the result is awesome.
  • Soon you will notice the tightness of the hips and tummy, and how beautifully your legs have dropped in volume.

For exercises, you need to purchase a completely ordinary jumping rope. No extra additions.

Thus, you will arrange your personal fitness center from your own home.
With regular classes, you will imperceptibly achieve ideal parameters.

If you are short, then pick up for yourself – short. And if your height is from 180 cm and above, then you need to purchase with a length of at least 310 cm.

Methods of selecting the ideal jumping rope:

  • The jumping rope must be folded in half and stretched out the arms, handles must be kept together.
  • It should touch a little the surface of the floor, but should not lie on it.
  • If you do everything right, then buy yourself a perfect shell for effective training.

In any sports shop you can find the following options:

  • children’s,
  • weighted,
  • electronic (attached calorie counter) and high-speed.

For the beginner, either an electronic or a speedy one is suitable. But this does not mean that the most common will not do you any good.

With such simple jumps you can get rid of 200 calories in just one session.

But its duration should be at least fifteen minutes. This amount of time should be enough to make the weight began to actively leave your body. The intensity of the jumps should be large enough.

The effectiveness of the jumping rope is particularly great in relation to such zones of your body as legs, hips and abdomen. With her help, you will leave cellulite and the so-called “riding breeches.” If you need to solve the problems of these areas of the body in a short time, then urgently start jumping. It takes at least five minutes to get a result.

To strengthen the result that you will receive from training, you must perform this exercise two or even three times a day. Let your day be full of small fitness trainings. Due to this intensity, the results will catch up with you much faster.

According to the recommendations of experts, such training should be combined with certain restrictions in products and eat dishes with low calorie content. It is necessary to give up harmful food and enrich your diet with vegetables and fruits. Due to this approach, you will accelerate the process of burning fat.

No less important is the fact that constant training with her for the purpose of fat burning is very positively reflected in your well-being. There is a stimulation of the work of your heart, stagnant phenomena in the vessels disappear, there is a purification from toxins.

Your torso must be straight when jumping. The arms are bent at the elbow joints, and they must be pressed to the sides. Jump is resolved in all possible ways at your discretion.

You can perform jumps on one or two legs. When doing exercises on one leg, you significantly increase the effectiveness of training. Torsion is possible both forward and backward. Alternatively, you can simulate running in one place. It all depends on your imagination.

Performing exercises to get rid of the tummy requires a tilt forward. To perform this exercise, you will need to twist several times and hold it by the ends. Hands are now pulled forward and begin to perform slopes. This exercise is very effective against fat folds in the waist area.

With the help of a jumping rope when losing weight, you can also make turns. To do this, you will have to collapse it similarly to the previous exercise and just rotate the case in different directions. Turns are performed to reduce the volume of your tummy.

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