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Diets: Types Of DietsImage credit: Meditations

To date, there has been a huge number of different types of diets in the diet. There are useful and scientifically based diets, but there are absolutely absurd and even ridiculous. For example, grapefruit (there are only grapefruits) or a similar lemon, or a diet in which you need to drink only one water with the addition of laxative drugs. Such diets are very much in the Internet and all of them are very popular to this day.

Where do these diets come from? How can they be popular at all? – you ask. As a rule, such diets are created by some popular foreign person, for example, an actor or a showman. After writing the book, a powerful advertising campaign is created with the help of this person’s popularity, and they gradually begin to spread, which leads to their followers. Most of these diets are absolutely absurd, do not have any scientific justification. Therefore, in order to understand them a little, it is necessary to know what kind of diets exist in the diet and what they are intended for.

What are the types of diets in the diet

For weight loss – this is the largest number of existing diets that help in the fight against excess weight. They are a huge number (thousands), and the list of the most common includes about 100-150 pieces. Can be divided into groups where the energy value is calculated or calories cut “Low Carbohydrate”.

Ancient – can be based on creeds, religious views or rituals. An example can be a vegetarian diet, it almost came from a ritual, or a paleo diet for weight loss, which is very popular today, it preserved the principles of feeding cave people during the Paleolithic.

Unloading – are used most often day of health improvement of the body. Apply them once in one or two weeks on an ongoing basis with just one properly selected product. They are able to purify the body, remove toxins, toxins and excess fluid. Thanks to this nutrition, you can get rid of edema and reduce the volume of the stomach.

Medical – most often discharged by doctors in hospitals, for patients who have certain problems with the body or certain diseases. They can be mandatory, for example, when a person is contraindicated to eat food with gluten or if a person has an exacerbation of allergic reactions.

Crash (shock) – they are also called fast, most often harmful and very dangerous to health. Intended for rapid intensive weight loss. They use extremely severe nutrition schemes, where all meals can be reduced to only one product. When using such diets, people simply scoff at their bodies, because try to lose weight in just a few days. In this way they reduce the daily calorie content to 700 kcal, cut down the amount of consumed foods to a minimum and bring the organism to exhaustion.

Balanced – these are long-term diets that are based on rational nutrition without harm to your personal health. Such diets you can use for more than one month, and in some cases they can turn into a normal lifestyle (after getting used to). Such diets are used for both reduction and normalization of their weight and metabolism.

How to lose weight properly?

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How to lose weight properly?

Proper and healthy weight loss is 10% of the total body weight for 3 months. Suppose you are a woman weighing 198 lb, you need to lose about 55 lb, so in the first three months you can lose no more than 19-20 lb. This will be considered a healthy and normal weight loss, which will not lead to poor health and health problems. Therefore, remember, if you need to lose weight not by 3-6 lb, but by 33, then stretch them for at least six months. Try to avoid extreme diets, do not take it into your head (punching the pill into yourself), drink it and put enemas, hoping to lose 22 lb in one week, because in the end, it will necessarily pour out to you sideways. Problems can be very serious, up to a lethal outcome. This is especially harmful for women, the list is very sad:

  • Violation of water-salt metabolism
  • Violation of women’s health
  • Violation of the menstrual cycle
  • Impaired reproductive function

Sitting on such a shock diet, you start the mechanisms of self-destruction of the body. Your body is rebuilt, launches a program of “self-survival” – when the body is in a constantly stressful condition, which in consequence will lead to infertility, after all, why her offspring, if she survives with difficulty.

Try to always very deliberately approach the issues of nutrition and especially weight loss. Remember that everything should be natural and any sharp jumps are fraught with bad consequences.

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