5 Most Common Habits We Should Not Do After Eating

Some habits can be useful for our health, and some, although they seem harmless, yet still carry a hidden threat to the body. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from harming your own health, read the list of 5 harmful cases that we are accustomed to do right after eating. By refusing these habits, you will be able to maintain your health, and even prolong your own life.

1. Smoking after eating
According to surveys conducted by 5 different, independent social organizations, 90 percent of smokers prefer to smoke a cigarette immediately after eating. Out of habit, it grows into a part of the lifestyle, but still you can not smoke immediately after eating – it is very harmful to health.

Nicotine adversely affects the process of digestion – inhibition of enzymes, which can lead to serious problems with metabolism, and even provoke diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is necessary to wait at least 30 minutes after eating, and then only light.

2. Tea, coffee or other drinks

Coffee or other drinks
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To drink a serving of appetizing tea is how to say “good morning”. But practically no one thinks about how harmful it is for our health and figure.

In no case can you drink any liquid immediately after a meal, because it dilutes the gastric juice, and because of this digestion can not be complete. Wait at least 20 minutes after eating, and then drink whatever you want.

3. Eat Fruit
Bite an apple or tangerine after a meal – which of us did not? But, in fact, this is wrong. Fruit acids lead to the processes of fermentation in the stomach and intestines, and the food can not be digested. It is better to use fruits and vegetables for snacks in between full meals.

4. Activity after eating

Activity after eating
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Especially those who have a very busy schedule have a habit of active right after eating. Take your time, wait a bit, because the process of digestion requires activation of the circulatory system in the field of organs that take part in it. And if you break down and start running about your business immediately after eating, you deprive the body of the opportunity to get the most nutrients from food, and because of this in an hour you will feel hunger and weakness.

5. Sleep after eating

Sleep after eating
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There is nothing surprising in that after a meal we sometimes want to sleep, but it is better to do it not earlier than 2 hours after eating. The fact is, if you fall asleep immediately after eating, then nothing good will come of it – the body will not rest, because the digestion process is actively going on, which also can not be full because all processes in the body slow down during sleep . As a result, wake up not rested, and will feel heaviness in the stomach.

The best, most healthy way to spend time after a meal is a leisurely 15-20 minute walk.

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