How To Use Air Conditioning To Avoid Getting Sick

.How To Use Air Conditioning To Avoid Getting Sick

In the heat, air conditioning is an important necessity. And you can catch a cold or catch pneumonia from it. But only if you do not follow the temperature and do not clean the filters.

Air conditioning in the heat is a way to maintain the room temperature necessary for the normal functioning of our body. But for fear of getting sick, some people refuse to use air conditioning.

Can you catch a cold from the air conditioner?

Problems can arise if you violate the rules of operation and care of the air conditioner. It is important that the temperature was set not lower than 21-22 degrees, this is the physiological norm at which anyone will be comfortable, this regime is enough for our cardiovascular system to function properly.

What do people do wrong?

You’re not getting sick from the air conditioner if the temperature of this air is normal and not too cold, and if your immune system is good.

Of course, if you sit under a stream of too cold air, and not be hardened at all, you can earn an exacerbation of sciatica, neuritis, or colds. As well as after a glass of very cold water.

And what is the connection between cold drinks and air conditioning?

The strong body perceives cold drinks as cooling: even drunk ice water after 4 seconds is heated and absorbed by the body and helps burn calories. But with a weak immunity from cold drinks, pathogenic microflora in the nasopharynx (which each of us has) can begin to multiply, so there is a runny nose or cough.

What are we doing wrong?

A lack of understanding of how to use air conditioners properly, a weak immune system, and a weak body – all these factors together lead to the fact that a person can get sick.

So, you can still get sick from the air conditioner?

It is possible if a person constantly allows system overheating, and then in the hope of cooling turns on the air conditioner at full power. And also is not engaged in cleaning filters and replenishment of refrigerants of the conditioner. Filters and dry parts of air conditioner grids can become a home for fungus and bacteria.

Particularly dangerous is legionella, which leads to a severe atypical form of pneumonia. These bacteria multiply in water supply or air conditioning systems. Legionella pneumonia is very difficult to treat with broad-spectrum antibiotics.

If you are ill, have a cough, shortness of breath – then see a doctor immediately. It is important to pass tests: blood with an antibiotic gram and CT (computed tomography) of the lungs to rule out or confirm pneumonia.

A blood test is needed to understand which pathogen caused pneumonia. Unfortunately, such pneumonia is not uncommon, so it is very important to follow the rules of the proper operation of air conditioners.

How to properly use the air conditioner so as not to get sick?

Thus, the damage caused by the air conditioner is due to three factors:

  1. improper use
  2. untimely cleaning
  3. and not replace filters.

So that the air conditioner does not cause you to fear, it is important to first understand that our cardiovascular and nervous systems need comfort during the day and rest at night. Otherwise, they will not be able to work properly. And in hot weather, this comfort can be provided by the conditioner.

It is also important to install the air conditioner correctly. So that there is no direct jet of cold air on the person. Therefore, it is important to consider the total power of the air conditioner. Then there will be no feeling that it is too powerful or too cold.

Do not exceed the temperature recommended by the instructions. This will ensure the safety of your health and serve you better. Because the air conditioner will work longer and will not break.

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