5 Situations In Which It Is Strictly Forbidden To Drink Water

5 Situations In Which It Is Strictly Forbidden To Drink Water

Water is the source of life and health of the body. Water is involved in the regulation of all organs and systems, so you need to drink enough fluids a day. But there are situations in which precious moisture can bring not benefit but harm.

Before bedtime

Do not drink water just before bedtime. First, it will disrupt sleep, because at night you will want to wake up and go to the toilet. If you ignore the call of nature, in the future there may be problems with the bladder, and the body in this state will not be able to fully relax. Secondly, water puts extra strain on the kidneys, which do not work as intensely at night as during the day, so in the morning you wake up with swelling on your legs, face, and bags under the eyes. Finally, at night the metabolism slows down, so it is better not to load the body with excess fluid.

After spicy food

Chili peppers, curries, and other spicy foods make the mucous membrane burn with fire. The natural desire of man – to drink water for “extinguish the fire” in the mouth. But doing so is harmful because water will spread capsaicin (a substance that causes a burning sensation) in the mouth and esophagus and instead of relief will bring even more discomfort. Instead of water, doctors recommend drinking milk after spicy food, because milk dissolves capsaicin molecules.

During sport training

During active training, the body loses a lot of fluid due to sweating. However, you should not drink water during exercise: water increases the volume of blood, which puts a strain on the heart muscle. The result can be a diagnosis of “sports heart”, which is accompanied by symptoms such as bradycardia, systolic murmur, and additional heart sounds. If you feel thirsty during training, you need to gradually reduce the rate of exercise and rest: only when your heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure return to normal, you can drink water.

When you stand

Experts believe that it is best to drink water in a sitting position. The fact is that when you sit, the fluid stays in the stomach for a while before moving to the duodenum – under the influence of the acidic environment of the stomach, the number of harmful microorganisms in the water decreases. And when you stand, the water does not have time to linger in this natural “filter” and immediately enters the bladder and leaves sediment in it, which in turn can cause kidney problems.

After melon and watermelon

In general, drinking after the fruit is not prohibited. Exceptions are melons and watermelons. First, melons already have a lot of fluid, so drinking water will put extra strain on the kidneys. And secondly, the result of the interaction of melon and water in the stomach can be colic, fermentation, and diarrhea.

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